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The V-moda vibes are a relatively cheap portable headphone that works well with phones and portable media players, they come in different colours and have this strange wire that comes of at a funny angle from the jack. 

They look good and have a fabric coated cord (idk what its called) rather than a plastic one (idk what thats called) to reduce tangle-ing and come with an anti tangle cord wrap up thingy for when youre not using it. It also comes with a small fabric case and 3 pairs of spare earbuds ranging from small to large.


The build quality: metal earpiece, fabric cord, 24k gold plated jack


Highs: very hard to hear high pitched sounds, if they are even there!


Mids: still hard to make out vocals, and snares, guitar riffs and other mid range sounds


Lows: overpowering bass, its hard to hear anything over the bass



Classical- Bad

Rock- Worse

Hip Hop- Good

Drum and bass- OK

Dubstep- Good (if you can call it good)

Metal- OK

House/club/trance- Good

Everything else- find out for yourself



Lots of bass



No highs

No mids

Bass overpowers whats left over from the non-existent highs and mids

No clarity

Headphones lose their sound quality after a few months


My experience:

Having had 2 pairs now (just to see if it was a bad batch) they both sucked, one of the earphones broke on both pairs. They both lost sound quality in the space of about 4 months and became crackly in about 6.




Buy them if you are a bass head (£30-40)

Dont if you enjoy music