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Questions about the Logitech UE 6000, the Ultimate Ears brand, and Noise Canceling headphones

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Hey everyone.


I was in love with my V-MODA M-80 headphones, but recently sold them because I discovered that the on-ear cup design irritated my ears after hours of use (I have my headphones on all day, because I write for a living and like to listen to my playlists during those sessions). Originally I was going to pick up the V-MODA M-100 headphones, but I decided that I really wanted a pair of full headphones with active noise canceling.


Upon searching the market I found Bose's Quiet Comfort 15, Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B, and Logitech's UE 6000/9000 headphones. I wanted the Bose due to the amazing noise canceling ability, but they did not provide enough bass (the Audio-Technica's were a bit better), but I ended up with the Logitech UE 6000 headphones. I like them very much, but I have two questions - one about the brand and one about the headphones.


I noticed the UE 6000 headphones work decently, but the right ear has a slight "electronic signal noise" during use. I was curious if this might be normal with audio canceling headphones or if the right cup might be busted. I noticed that the right cup is also the place where the audio chip itself is housed.


Second question, is the Ultimate Ears brand being killed off? Logitech has two sites for Ultimate Ears - one site has their in-ear monitors and a Bluetooth speaker, while the other site has only some of the current UE products. In addition, Amazon has a limited supply of UE headphones left. Am I buying into a dying brand?


Extra Credit: Any other recommendations for active noise canceling headphones with good bass.


Thanks, all!

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Active noise cancelling degrades the sound quality significantly and it's usually better to just get passive isolating headphones (closed, over-ear headphones)


The UE6000 is still available from tigernet for $50 (that's the price I got when I went there) if you are willing to jump through rebate hoops. Just google "tigernet slickdeals UE6000" Deal ends TODAY 11:59 eastern time. I heard that the NC SQ isn't very good, but keep in mind those opinions are coming from audiophiles that usually look down at NC, so it might be fine for your purposes.


Whether UE is dying off, I'm not sure anyone except Logitech knows that, but a lot of audiophiles already feel that Logitech is selling out because they used to make real audiophile (neutral flat) headphones back in the day & now they are catering more towards consumers with their bass boosted V-shaped sound signature.


I would recommend looking at the MDR-1R NC if your heart is set on a more of NC headphones, though I personally think regular closed headphones usually sound much better. I owned the older model ATH-ANC27 and they are an absolute steal at the current price of $65 if you are just looking for noise-cancelling. UE6000 has great sound quality in passive mode, but their noise cancelling probably gets outperformed sonically by other headphones. However, depending on your standards & sound preferences, it might not be an issue for you, especially if you are trying to be budget friendly.


NOTE: I've owned the regular MDR-1R and they do sound quite nice with a solid warm bass. Haven't heard the MDR-1R NC personally, but Jude has very nice things to say abou the MDR-1R NC in his winter gift guide: http://www.head-fi.org/a/2013-head-fi-winter-gift-guide-over-ear-headphones. He says for NC sound quality, he says that the MDR-1R NC >>> Bose QC15.


Also, another side note, the MDR-1R are extremely comfort. Most comfortable over-ears I've had the pleasure to try :)

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I figured most of the people here hate wireless, active noise canceling, and everything else - ha.


I prefer the V-shaped sound signature, so I guess it works out for me. As of now, I'm a bit lower on cash than I would like to be, so $400 headphones from Sony are not possible. The ATH headphones picked up cell reception noise, so I had returned them, although I was using the ANC7B.


I'll burn these in a bit and see what happens - they sound decently well in my opinion and I picked them up for $80 vs. the $199 MSRP that most places have them for.


I guess the only question that remains is whether or not a little buzz in the right ear is normal or not. It can't be heard when playing music, but I am curious about it.


Thanks for the detailed reply, money4me247! Who knows, maybe when some cash flow comes in I will just run out and grab the V-MODA M-100 or those Sony headphones you mentioned. For now, the UE 6000 seem to do well - plus they are super comfy for wearing hours on end! I used to have the Beats Studio headphones and while the sound quality was lacking and the damn things were overpriced... they were super comfy. The UE 6000 seem like a better tuned and more solid pair of Beats Studios (and at a third the price).

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If you like V sound...I guess you always play with NC active right?

When NC is active buzzing/hiss is normal when there is no music playing. Read UE9000/6000 thread.

Whats weird is that only hiss is from 1 side.


i just got mine. So many issues with it. Weird. But the price is nice.


Logitech is a brand I like. European/Swiss company but they stand behind the products and normally support is very good.

UE is also a big name. Never had the old UEs. But would be silly to kill the UE name.

I still think they did more than just buy and use the name.

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Yeah, I always use the noise canceling - seems to boost the bass a bit also.


After owning my M-80s I have become a bit more into "punchy tight bass", which these don't really provide, but I still find them a good buy.


Yeah, the hiss from one side is what I find odd. Hoping someone who has the headphones might be able to comment.

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