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Hi all and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this lines.


I work at small bars as a DJ and always looking to buy new headphones. My first pair was AKG K518DJ. Had them for 3 years and was very satisfied as they were cheap and did a good job. For that reason I became a fan of AKG and bought the AKG K618DJ. That was a disaster. After only 3 times of use at work, the right arm broke (probably cheap plastic). I taped it and then after a month the left arm broke too. I use them now taped because the sound quality is great but I have lost my faith in AKG.


Want to replace them with new headphones and probably keeping the AKG K618DJ at home. I want to spend around 100-150 euros and was thinking of going for the KOSS PRO DJ 200 or the RELOOP RHP-20 (although the RELOOP seem to be very uncomfortable to wear around the neck). The parts in KOSS that seem to be metal are they metallic or plastic? I am sure both sound great but I was hoping someone could tell me more about durability and build. Also if someone has to pop some ideas, I would much appreciate. 


Thank you and looking forward to your answers