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So Many GOOD Options for new headphones help!

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I have read a lot of reviews from a lot of different sources and now I’m just confused please help!


I am planning on primarily listening to music through a Pioneer VSX-D411 receiver connected by toslink to a Kenwood CD-404. I listen to a lot of different music but mainly EDM, Metal, and Industrial (NIN, Skinny Puppy, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Fatboy Slim, !!!, Pantera, 70’s Funk I like my music weird and dynamic etc.).  If I pair the headphones with a smartphone it will be Android (yes I understand that I would need an amp for a lot of these headphones). There are no shops locally that carry these brands where I could audition them.


I really like the sound from my ATH-M50S’s but I’m very intrigued as to what I would hear if I spend more or if there are better options at a cheaper price point.  I like the audio to be accurate I don’t usually fiddle with the EQ but if it is a bass filled song (Chemical Bros. Under the Influence) I want to hear it but I want to hear it as it should be not a +10db etc.  On the flip side I also like the jarring glitch of Squrpusher Steinbolt along with the calm of Board of Canada ;p


These are the options I have found $300 is my max budget portability without an amp would be a bonus, if my receiver can not correctly drive someone these headphones please tell me so I can find a correct fit for my current equipment.


Creative Aurvana Live!

Logitech UE6000

Sony MDR-1R

DT-990-Pro-250 – can my receiver drive these phones correctly?

M-Audio Studiophile Q40 – 64Ohms – can my receiver drive these phones correctly?

AKG K550

DT-990-PREMIUM-250 - – can my receiver drive these phones correctly?

Yamaha PRO 400

Yamaha PRO 500

Philips Fidelio X1/28

V-MODA M-100

Sennheiser Momentum Over the Ear

DT-990-PREMIUM-600 – can my receiver drive these phones correctly?


Shut up you n00b and enjoy your ATH-M50S's ;p



Thanks for the input!

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First, if you are used to the M50's, you are used to bass heavy headphones. I know what it's like to come from a bassy background and move to a neutral can. As much as you may think that emphasized bass is a bad thing, you'll be wondering where it is when you move to a flat frequency response.


That said, you have a lot of bassy cans on your list (UE6000, MDR-1R, DT990, Q40, X1, M100, etc.), so I think you're looking in the right spot. I've personally never listened to the M50's, but I quite enjoy the M-Audio Q40's. To this day, they are one of the best bang/buck in my experience. They are easily driven, even out of an iPod. The M100's are very durable, built extremely well, fold up real small, but have a sound signature inferior to the Q40 IMO. The X1's, on the other hand, have a very similar signature to the Q40's but more spacious due to the open can and they are also much more comfortable.


From what I've read, the DT990 is going to give a similar V-shaped signature that the M50's give (emphasized bass and treble).


Hope that helps.

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What are peoples thoughts on used headphones?  Maybe the HE400 used?

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Originally Posted by ninaphexed View Post

What are peoples thoughts on used headphones?  Maybe the HE400 used?

That would be my vote.

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Well suck the HE-400's I saw for sub $300 sold like minutes later :( can anyone tell me if my receiver can even push any of the above headphones or should I be sticking to the 32ohm or less category?  

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A receiver typically has a high output impedance and would be better suited to high impedance headphones. For planars like the HE-400 it doesn't make a difference. Power-wise, I don't know anything about your receiver, but most receivers have plenty of power. If you try to use low-impedance headphones with the receiver, it could sound find, or the bass could be kind of bloated. You'd have to try to really know. 

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omg... HE400 kills the rest of those headphones easy. if you can find em for $300 on sale, it's a steal. only issue is you might want to get an amp. they are not portable & open tho. dunno if that matters to you.


out of your list, the ones i've tried: the MDR-1R is a great sub-$200 pair of headphones, very comfy - rich mid-focused w/ warm bass. The UE600 is sub-$100 now, so it's a really good deal. I would consider those two if price is an issue & you want to be sub-$200. AKG K550 has a really neutral sound sig w/ great bass extension/quality (but not a big thumping bass quantity), also non-portable at $220ish. AKG K545 has more bass & is portable @$200 from razerdogaudio, so that's a suggestion. Those two would be a great pair to get if you are looking for neutral sound. Momentum can be found for $300 (razerdogaudio again lol) and is a very very good technical performer & amazing sound quality. I would personally skip the yamaha pro series. M100 is very bassy, so if you love bass they are great (you might have to invest in the $20 XL pads though for comfort) - basshead v-shaped sound sig for sure, but does it very well, so if that's what you're looking for. 

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