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I have an Asus Vulcan ANC gaming headset for my PC, which consists of a pair of headphones with a microphone attached that connects to a PC's 3.5mm input/output sockets.


The cable for this headset has a 4 pin 3.5mm jack at one end, then splits into 2x 3 pin 3.5mm jacks at the other end (one for the headphone socket, one for the microphone socket). It looks like this -


Unfortunately, my microphone jack has broken - the end just snapped off. Asus do not sell these cables separately so I'm currently using one of these 4 pin to 2x 3 pin splitters with two regular stereo 3.5mm cables as a workaround -


This works fine, however it obviously doesn't have the benefit of the in-line volume control and mic on/off switch, so I'm trying to repair the official cable using a replacement 3.5mm stereo jack. I've stripped the mic cable at the end of the headset cable to find two wires inside - a white wire surrounded by a bare wire.


After a bit of Googling I found at least two 'how to' guides that said I should solder the bare wire to the sleeve and the white wire to the tip, but bridge it over to the ring. That consensus was good enough for me so that's what I did - but it doesn't work. The headphones work perfectly but there is no input from the mic.


This is what I have (not my photo, found on another thread, so not my annotations either!) -


What else can I try?