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fixing broken wiring in FA-011

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Not sure if this is the correct forum but it seemed like the best match. Yesterday I plugged in my FA-011s only to find that everything but the mids(which sounded somewhat normal) was near inaudible. After a few minutes of tweaking I found at if I only put the jack in half way (as to only allow the first ring of the jack to make contact) it sounded normal(except for obviously being mono). I therefore assumed that the problem must be in the wiring and not with the speakers themselves. looking into the cup that receives the wire I found that while the red and green cables ( I'm not sure if colors are standardized but I'm going to assume so based on a cursory search) were connected but the golden/orange line (which I believe to be ground) was simply broken off about a centimeter into cup. I assume that this is supposed to be attached to something and that because it is broken off the phones are only getting half power when fully plugged in. I am not sure where I'm supposed to reconnect it and I can only guess that i would have to unsolder/resolder the contacts to get it to work. Can anyone weigh in on what may be wrong if not this? If I am correct about the issue, can anyone explain what is needed to fix it or point me in the direction of a tutorial? Thank you!


Edit: After further research I realized that it is not the black rings that carry the signal but rather the metal in between. I guess this would mean that when plugged half in the right channel should be getting ground, the left channel should be the right channel and ground should be non existent. I'm not sure how I'm still getting sound out if this is the case.

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Here is a picture of inside the cup labeled as follows:


1) This is the gold wire which I believe to be the ground. It exits the main cable (2) and then appears to have broken off about a centimeter further,entirely disconnected. I believe this to be the source of the problem.


2) the main cabling as it splits into its individual wires. Three wires exit from the cable. A blue wire which is then spliced into a red wire at (3) and goes to the right speaker, the gold wire which is broken, and a green wire which goes into some electrical component which I cant identify (looks like a ball of solder or something) and then splits off into a capacitor in parallel with 3 resistors in a triangle formation and then rejoins to be soldered into the driver.


3)the blue wire spliced into the red wire which leads to the second speaker


4)the red and gold wires going to the right speaker


5) the mess of resistors and a capacitor the green wire leads to. this is directly above the second soldering point.


6) A gold wire is soldered into the driver and goes to the second speaker with the red wire.


Now if I had to guess, It seems like the gold ground was meant to be soldered into (6) with the other gold wire passing the ground signal over to the other headphone. If that's the case I image all id have to do is connect wire (1) to the wire coming out of (6). I'd rather not move forward though without being sure. I wouldn't want to inadvertently cause a short and burn out the headphones. Any input is much appreciated :)

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