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So I bought some LPs off craigslist about a month ago and now the left side just isn't working. Now I only got them for $50 in pretty great condition, so I don't mind too much, but this means I don't have a warranty of any sort, right? I emailed V Moda's help thing and asked about this, but haven't gotten a response in a few days. Here's what I sent:

"comments: Hi, I bought a pair of LP's off craigslist about a month back and they've been working great for a while, but today I tried putting them on and the left side doesn't work. I tried switching the cables and devices they plugged into, but no matter which, the left side still didn't work. So I was wondering if there were easy fixes or if I should get new ones. Like I said, I got them off craigslist so I don't expect any warranty, but I was also wondering about immortal life. I don't want another set of LP's, but LP2's or M100s might be nice, do I get discounts on them? Thanks, Luke"

Now since I broke these and have accessories, what do I do with them? I don't really want to buy another pair of v modas, and I have 3 shell kits and extra cables. I figured I'd just get some new cans, as more v modas will be at the same price, unless I get LP2s at half price. Are LP2s really better? Thanks.