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Not entirely sure what I need...

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So, I uh... Am not really sure what I need. I'll just explain my situation and hopefully that will help you help me.


My budget is around 130, this can include used products, I have no problems buying used at all.


I honestly don't listen to music much, if I do its either a track playing in the background of a movie/anime/game/etc. I don't listen to music just to listen to music though I do like it when it adds atmosphere to something.


I spend most of my time gaming/watching anime/youtube, though most the games I play (BF4, Skyrim, etc) don't really have to have a super accurate positional audio. Really I'm not good enough to have that be a factor, but I will be grabbing a soundcard with dolby surround.


I have heard rave reviews about the M50s but have come across a couple of people saying that they don't really do well in gaming due to them being more of a reference set of headphones and not having a wide enough sound stage. I don't know how to feel about that or really know if its true.


My current pair of headphones (don't laugh, they cost 50-60 bucks and were the only way I could get dolby surround, my case had to room, I have since upgraded) is a pair of Corsair Vengeance 1500s.


If possible I'd like a pair of headphones that more accurately reproduce human voice or atleast sound clearer than these vengeance 1500s. Also want more bass as these quite honestly have little to none.


So If I were to breakdown the time I spend doing each thing maybe that would help you.


50% youtube watching

25% gaming

25% anime


I need help, if you have any more questions please ask.


Edit forgot to mention I am looking for full sized over the ear headphones and they almost have to be closed as I have roommates that like to sleep :)

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I was also looking at the DT770 80Ohm version. Thoughts?

Also really thinking of grabbing a pair of Custom One Pros

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For your budget of $130, I am not really sure.


AKG K550 is a great non-portable closed option. great treble, great soundstage (most important thing in gaming). retail $220, but maybe you can find it used for cheaper. AKG K545 is the portable, bassier sibling w/ solid soundstage for $200 at razerdog. I know these are slightly above your budget, but they are in the same price range as the DT770 & custom one pros. I haven't tried either of those, so I can't comment on em. For sound stage (which is most important for FPS gaming), the AKG K550 is unparalleled for closed headphones in this price range.


MDR-1R can be found at $180 or less if you are patient. And recently the UE 6000 dropped down to $100. Those are budget closed options if price is a really big factor.

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