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Ocharaku Nami vs. kaede

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I really like my Nami and am wondering if I would like the Kaede even better.  Has anyone here heard them both under identical circumstances and if so, are you willing to post your thoughts about how they compare.  What I love about my Namis  so far is their timbre and dynamics,  e.g., they portray a piano as both a string and a percussion instrument....  they do percussion wonderfully and are very "quick" I just wish they were just a touch less up-front, but it's not a fatal flaw for me.


i am also wondering how either of them fare against pricier competition like the 334s or the Tralucent 1plus2', or any other suggestions you might have.  I have liked the GR8/10, Ortofon EQ5, along with the Aurisonc ASG1.2, and the Cardas 5813s.  I listen from the bottom-up, do not like bright or treble-focused sound, and I listen to acoustic jazz, along with prog rock, Zappa, and even Primus and Slipknot.  This time out, I am looking for "the one", not an arsenal of genre- specialized iems.


Happy holidays to one and all.  Please help me stimulate the economy and spend my money.  Mild amounts of flagrant self-promotion will be tolerated if you;ve got something to sell that you think would fit my bill.

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Bump :D


I wonder same thing.


I' m not sure but, as i understand Ocharaku/Olasonic have 4 different models: Nami - Kaede - Kuro - Sui

Am i right?


A search also differences between models (or sound characters) but i can' t find useful anything. 

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