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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD555 w/ HD595 mod: Cosmetic issues but perfect sound *price drop*

Will Ship To: Continental US

Up for sale is my Sennheiser HD555 that I converted to HD595 by removing the foam (foam mod). These are the 120ohm version. I have had them for a few years and used them lightly throughout the years except for a three quarter year period where they saw daily use.

Cosmetic issues are as follows:

  • hairline cracks by left ear (common for the 555, doesn't compromise functionality).
  • hairline cracks and missing piece of plastic by right ear (doesn't compromise functionality) The last photo shows some additional cracks in the last few months. (accidentally banged them into night table)
  • very small flat spot in right mesh / screen material. cosmetic only.
  • Some paint rub on front facing portion of ear pieces.
  • Everything described here can be seen in the pictures. 


Around a year ago, I replaced the earpads, headband pad, and cable with brand new Sennheiser direct replacement parts. I wanted to mod the cable to be shorter and end with a 3.5mm right angle plug but ended up never doing that, so the extra cable is included in this sale.


They sound wonderful, are extremely comfortable and I'm only selling them to move to a closed headphone. The majority of my listening is in the presence of others and the open headphones don't cut it.


These headphones come in their original packaging with all the parts shown in the pictures. The velcro cable tie in the photos is not included. Not pictured is the foam I removed for the 595 mod. I will include the foam with the sale. I'm asking for $48 with FREE shipping, or best offer. Seriously, make me an offer and we'll see what happens. It's the holiday season and I'm in a generous mood :)

Check my ebay ID for feedback on me as a buyer/seller: concorde6

Thank you for looking, and have a great week!


***Edit: I haven't been getting any bites, so these are now listed on ebay:

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