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Comparable to a HE-400

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I have had my HE-400 for several months and I like (not love) the sound.   A little to much treble for me but not a ton.  All in all the sound pretty darn good.  Here is the issue....... they hurt my head bad.  After maybe an hour of listening I start to get a headache and behind my ears hurt.  I have tried velour and pleather pads but both do the same thing.  The just hurt my head!!  I have a pair of Denon ah-d5000 and they are SOOOO comfortable.  Is there anything comparable to the HE-400 in the price range with a semi similar sound.  I had the Sennheiser HD600 and liked them but thought this may be an upgrade.  I have tried the HD 650 also but kept the HD 600 instead.  Might give them another try someday but is there anything else?

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Sounds like a clamping issue you could alleviate easily enough by stretching out the headband.

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Yeah a little bending adjustment of the headband + a $15 headband cushion will do you wonders OP. You're thinking too hard on an easy issue to resolve.

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I thought about that but I was concerned that if i ever wanted to resell them that may be an issue.  Am I crazy for thinking that?

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The Hifiman products seem to have such a high degree of variance in regards to headband clamp in the first place that I don't think it wold matter.

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you can bend the band to make it clamp less. As for the weight of the phone, yes, a cushion will help.


I don't mind the headband though, I got used to wearing the akg q701's and their horrid bubbled self adjustiong headband. i dont think it gets worse than that. :veryevil:



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