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Shure SE425 Alternative or Method to increase bass?

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I've had these headphones for about three years now. Love the mids but I can't seem to fix my bass issue. I was considering getting a paire of 535's but i'm sure at that price range or even in the mid 300 range I can find an alternative as clear but bassier than the Shure SE425 IEMs.  I use the medium foam tips for reference


Any suggestions?

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Should also state, i listen to my music on my iphone via Spotify.... maybe there is an app that can help?

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Dunu DN-1000
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well before you go out and spend money on a new pair of headphones or iems i say so 1 of 2 things...and in reality i would try both.


1. seal, if you are already getting a good seal then that is good on to number 2.


2. try replacing the acoustic dampers, these can be bought from mouser electronics, and they are made by knowles. personally i say if you are wanting bass. try the brown filters first. these acoustic filters will greatly change the sound signature. there are a bunch of colors choose from that render different signatures in sound. 



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Maybe you could try the Westone Star Tips, they are longer, I think that improve the sound a bit, also, the sound isolation with the bigger silicon and westone tips may improve the isolation and bass response.


About the dampers, the dampers on the SE425 are really inside, I dont think you can remove them easily without breaking something. If changing the damper is a possibility with this phone, then the improvements with new dampers would be very interesting...

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Dampers affect mostly high frequencies, not what the op is looking for, maybe it's not a bad idea getting filters but those test were conducted using a se535 and nobody knows how would sound with the 425. For the sake of the community you should try he he.

I see comments like this quite often when people buy headphones without considering sound signature or repeatedly misleading terms used here like soundstage or imaging. The se425 are fine, but what you're really after is a fun sound. You could, or sell the se425 and get a se215 or EQ your mp3/flac player
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bass boosting amp, cheap and easy
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Hi all, i successfully removed the dampers of my se425 and replaced them for the etymotic green. It was quite difficult because the dampers are glued and are quite inside, but it was worth the time and effort because the result was as expected and bass apeared!! for my taste i need a little more bass so i'm trying to find red and orange filters to test, will post impressions when i got them.

If someone is interested the dampers used in shure and etymotic earphones are made by Sonion but are only found in the etymotic accessories shop or retailers, Shure does not offer any filter spares.

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Comply p series tips and get a good seal.
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I have found one thing that does help with the sound and comfort.  If you have the triple flanged tips for the se425 cut it into three pieces separating the smallest from the medium from the largest flange.  


Then try using just the medium sized flange as a tip or if the largest fits better try that.  It's more comfortable and the sound and especially the bass, for me at least, has improved a lot.  I don't know why they didn't just make a tip like this.

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I don't really understand what you're talking about. Dampers?

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does anybody knows where to buy thos acoustic dampers? it is to mexico but on some sites the shipping cost is $30us or more =/

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