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best portable headphone-600$

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I'm looking for a portable headphone which will be used mostly outdoors and travel, music playing with my cell and ipad Air(wav and flac).

I've read many threads and recommendations including the best 100 portable shootout :


but few new models came out which are missing like the new Focal or the P7 from B&W.

Then I read the wonderful portables comparison by




Any recommendation will be appreciated, Most important merits are :

1. SQ .

2. Headphones must be closed and will not need an amp(though using one at home probably will improve outcome).

3. Comfort -over the ear is my most preferred.

4. Portability.


Budget is around 600$


BTW, heard the Senn momentums-they were really nice :p ,after 30 minutes of listening the store owner gave me the Senn ie-800... I was stunned ! by the difference in SQ between the 2 models but then again it costs more than double- over a 1000$ so comparison is unfair.

P.S. I'm not comfortable with IE headphones in long listening sessions but willing to contemplate on buying one instead of buying a mediocre(soundwise) full size portable.


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if you are on the move and you want portability and hi quality/accurate sound it's hard not to recommend IEMs.

IMO those who have legit use for over-ear headphones are audio professionals who are thugging it down in the studio/club/broadcasting and those sitting reclined on a chair listening to HD800s with five figures worth of required accessories (such as DACs, amps and power conditioners).

and now heres my recommendation... and your bank account will be happy
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thanks so much for your effort.

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Second hand T5p, you can buy them on head-fi for between 800-900 dollars - better S.Q. than other headphones mentioned. You just be more patient, save about 200 dollars more and you can have top end portable headphones, full size though.

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