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love the woodwork

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anything new coming out of teds neck of the wooods?

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I saw on Ted Allen's website that he is now selling a limited edition budget OCC silver cable at $150 plus shipping. The budget silver is a smaller gauge but that same OCC purity with Ted's superb build quality. The best just got better.
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nice gives ppl the ability to get silver without the price.

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Here's a full look at my rig. I'm adding rubies for the skull eyes as soon as they are delivered.


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Great looking rig. Nice choice in IEMs :-). What ear tips are those?
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very nice!

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The tips are customs from Starkey labs in mn that I got through a local audiologist.

Today I bought two blood red rubies to have set in the eyes of the skull. I'll post pics as soon as they arrive.
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And I guess I already said that. Sigh...
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oh i didnt even notice the tips, they look soft, silicone not acrylic i presume? look comfortable .

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Yeah I'm not entirely sure what material they are. They were clearly milled. The right fits well but the left doesn't seal unless I push on it a lot. I think I'll have it redone. It's a somewhat softer material but more along the lines of soft plastic than earplug material.
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how much did they run you?

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for customers with outstanding orders i just wanted let you know we had a bit of a snow storm here in oregon so unfortunately i cannot get off my property so shipping will be delayed about a week. i'll update this thread as soon as shipping resumes.

i apologize for any delays

many thanks ted

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I bought an hd650 balanced spc cable from Ted.  Built well, sounds great.  Can't complain.  Thanks Ted!

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