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just received the cables from Ted. Looking good! 



Hey I see you have a pair of Audeze headphones there... did you buy a headphone lounge cable for them? If so which one? 

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well, my custom cables fits both headphones :)

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very very nice setup there.

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Congratulations to Ted and Headphone Lounge as iRiver invited Ted to make a couple of cables for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the demonstration of the new AK240.
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X2 i think he is finally getting the attention he deserves. 

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Just got this bad boy... Amazing craftsmanship, excellent service, and sounds great!! So glad I went to Ted for my first custom cable.
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I like the skull. Are those 846?
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Another picture of Ted's cables with the AK240 at CES in Las Vegas.
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Very cool wish I could make it up to ces sometime looks enjoyable.
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I have so much love for ted, he ALWAYS bends over backwards for me, and ALWAYS comes through. out of all the people i have done business with he is the only one i consistantly go back to, to get what i want and need done and done right. and this is honest, i have like 2 custom interconnects from him, have had 2 cable i bought second hand, a line out dock he fixed for me, he just fixed my er4p, he's reterminated multiple cables for me. and i NEVER once had any issues with him,his service,or his work. i just felt like i needed to say that, i have to give kudos to where and who it needs to go to, and let him know how i apreciate him....and cheers to more service we shall have together. :o)

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Looking for new cable for hd600. Looked at headphone lounge website and saw there are 3 types of copper cables. 1. Pure copper, 2. SPC and 3. Hybrid copper tin. Do you know what are differences among 3 types in term of sound?

Or should I bite my wallet and just go for the silver?

My system is laptop > hiface2 > metrum quad > woo6.

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I have both and the silver plated copper will add a bit of warmth to the sound as well as a improvement to the overall clarity. I started my journey with aftermarket cables with the SPC cables as I stated above. I think that is good way because the cost is less and you can judge for yourself whether you feel silver cables are worth the additional cost. Further, Ted offers a 10% discount for returning customers so any upgrade from the SPC is that much less expensive.

I tend to not especially like spc unless the IEM is a bit U shaped. Cables are horses for courses. I tend to prefer pure silver, pure copper or hybrid cables. I'm using a hybrid now with silver on the ground side. I haven't loved the 1% gold either though again I can see where it would shine. Very clean and I think also best for more U shaped responses. Pure copper is warmer and pure silver leaner but they tend to have good timing. Just IMO and they are generalities that wont follow every cable with these designs but I thought I'd give my observations so far. 

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I’ve been using Ted’s (Ted from magic OCC Silver cable now for less than a couple days. At first I was blown away by the beauty of the silver opalescent cable and the braided texture that I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing first hand before. The workmanship of the wood is first class. The fit is better than the standard 846 cables since the over-the-ear wire is a bit more flexible and it also feels lighter. Now the 846 feels much more similar to my 530s. The added detail of the wood, Y block and overall look/feel set this cable apart from anything factory made.


Aesthetics aside, the sound quality of the 846 has taken a leap forward. Same source, IEM, tips, different cable; magic. The sound stage is open, airy and simply better than stock. It doesn’t change the sound, just opens it up, making it cleaner and crisper, and adds detail and clarity. I had Ted terminate the cable in RSA and also make a matching adaptor for RSA-3.5. It matches beautifully and the amazing magical sound I’m hearing at this point is with the RSA-3.5 adapter via phone/PC. I am planning to try this setup with a CL Theorem 720 via RSA just as soon as the new ear molds come back from this Audiologist.


Bottom Line: If you have the 846 and want to take them to the next level of aesthetics and sound, one of Teds custom OCC Silver cables is a great option. Toss on some custom molds and an AK or Cypher Labs dac and you’ve got yourself a rig of envy by almost anyone. 



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I agree with the pairing with the 846. Also, I love the skull.
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