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I am sorry to do this, I am sure its been covered many times. However, given that I am in a unique situation--hopefully that will be grounds for excusal. I am currently deployed, USAF Master Sergeant, I do not have a lot of time to pour over the internet to research like I would back home. I get quite busy and sometime the net is just not happening here. With that, rather than buying this or that or both, I am hoping someone can help guide me in the correct direction.


First off, a little about me and my quest. I figure it might help. I grew up listening to Squire, Van Halen 1&2, Quiet Riot, Metallica and Motley Crue.....etc Obviously a kid from the 70/80's, lol. I really didn't get big into how things sound till I purchased my first set of Cerwin Vega 15's. To me, nothing made Rush, Tool and the likes sound better and loved the kick in the chest from the kick drums. Fast forward to a few months ago before I deployed. I was rocking a set of V-Moda buds, I completely forgot what they were. I loved them and they lasted about two years. They broke me at the gym. I am one of those guys I dont like to hear anything but my tunes at the gym to sorta loose myself. I went down and purchased the only thing they had on base, they were Scull Candy. I still have them and despise them greatly.... Drums are drowned out with screeching mids and hights and not all that clear.


I brought that up to a few buds at work. First thing they said, try my Beats Solo and you'll never look back. So I plugged them into my iPod Classic, first song Van Halen Outta Love Again--sounded terrible. I tried some Pacifer Lipsdick...mmm nope. I scrolled through a few others jams, just not really what I am after. 


I did order a set of V-Moda Crossfade LP's. Wait, why is everyone hissing at me? I already read on here that that might be a mistake for what I am after?? I am NOT a bass head, I would like to hear the bass guitair (ala Cliff Burton, Steve Harris or Getty Lee)), toms, kick drums cymbal crashes and good mids and highs.


Down to the nitty gritty; I listen to everything from Misfits, Black Flag to Slayer, AC/DC back to the Beatles or "some" Daft Punk on an iPod Classic or a MacBook Pro. My limits without my wife killing me when I get back is no more than $300. They will be used a lot at the gym (primarily) weights then running about 5 miles, so there will be a lot of sweat involved. I would like to them to use around the house also or when traveling. I have been around running jet engines for 22+ years for the volume will have to be up. I dont mind the over the ear cans or buds. I can worth with thick cords as long as they are not slapping me in the chest when running.


Thoughts? Sorry to be long winded. I figured the more info the better. Thanks!



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Well, you have very specific needs, as you want an all-rounder headphones. The biggest problem to me is, that you want headphones for sport, as there is a lot of sweat and moisture involved. My recomendation would be to buy two sets of headphones. one durable for running and one for home and on-the-go use. For running you might want to look for IEMs intended for sport like MEElectronics Sport-fi S6P or Sennheiser CX 685, Klipsch S5i. None of them has a great sound, but are all way better then the Beats Solo. And they don't cost a fortune, so if they break you can buy new ones. For other purposes, I would look for something like Sony MDR-1R or AKG K555. Portable, don't require an amp, so you can listen to them on your iPod or phone and the sound is in another league in comparison with the headphones you listed. You can get this combinations for under $300.

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