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I am selling a LYR and I am the second owner of this amp. The first owner purchased it on 25th/Oct/2013 and I got it like a few days ago. No doubt it is in a great condition cosmetically and functionally. I give it a 9/10.  I bought this because it worked pretty awesome with my akg K550 when I tried it in a store. However, the surrounding was a little noisy so I didn't notice the hiss sound with my K550 until I got this LYR in a really quiet room. I contacted Schiit and they told me this amp isn't designed for any low impedance headphones. I really like the sound of it but since I don't have any intention to purchase any high impedance headphones in the near future, this need to go. 



This $350 price is for the amp itself and 2 PSYT rca cables. I can also sell them separately and the price would be:



Schiit LYR -- $330 (comes with the original power cable, two 6BZ7 tubes and the original purchase receipt)


PSYT rca cable -- $20




To know how much would the shipping cost, here are some information you may use to calculate on websites (I can provide UPS, Fedex and Canada Post) for a quicker response:


Postal code: V3B 2P5

Length: 29cm

Width: 23cm

Height: 16cm

Weight: 7lb


P.S: remember, if a postal service looks really cheap but it doesn't provide a trucking number, it is strongly not recommended. However if you don't think that's a problem, here's the deal: There will be no refund if the item has been shipped but never arrived. 



Buyer pays the shipping and Paypal fee unless using gift option. Gift mode is not recommended since I don't have any record on Head-Fi/Audiogon/Canuck Audio Mart or ebay(only bought things). However if you really want to save some Paypal money, I will find someone I know personally and does have some records on sites to be our guarantee. 


This item will be shipped from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada the day after a payment has been confirmed.

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