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I’m new here, and I’m no audiophile. I’ve only owned one decent pair of headphones—Senn. HD 280s. I find these ‘phones to be sufficiently good, but I do have a couple of problems with them. First and foremost, they hurt. Second, I just think that I can find a pair that’ll better suit my purposes.


I think that the best way for you guys to give me specific recommendations is to list my taste in music. My taste is very broad. I listen to some bass-heavy music, such as dub (e.g., Bill Laswell and Scientist) and early dubstep (e.g., Skream and Distance). I listen to some jazz (e.g., Art Blakey) and a little classical. I listen to thrash metal (e.g., pre-1990 Metallica and Pantera). Lately, I’ve been listening to music that doesn’t fit well into genres (although much of it is very jazz hip-hop influenced), so I’ll just list a sample of artists:  DJ Krush, DJ Cam, DJ Food, St. Germain, Yesterday’s New Quintet, The Herbaliser, The Juju Orchestra, Mr. Scruff, and everything on Mark Farina’s “Mushroom Jazz” mixes.


Given that my taste is so broad, I assume that I need a very neutral pair of headphones. Further, (I think that) I value clarity, detail, separation, and imagery above all else (although I am new to these terms). I want a pair of headphones with the best soundstage possible. This is why I think that I need an open pair.


Here are a few more things that might help you guys:  First, I will be using these with an mp3 player and a crap laptop. So, I need a pair that will handle crap sources well. Second, given that I find the 280s very uncomfortable, I want to take no risks in this regard on my next pair. Third, I do not care at all about the looks of the headphones. In fact, I may prefer uglier headphones in that they probably will be cheaper in virtue of their ugliness. (I am on a very tight budget; so, the cheaper, the better.)


I have found a couple of potential pairs. I’ve found AKG K240 studios for $64.50 on Amazon. And I’ve found a pair of Grado Prestige SR60is for $79 (although this is a bit more than I’d like to spend). Any thoughts on these?


Hopefully I’ve given you guys enough information.







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