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Sennheiser MX 980/985 sound

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Those of you that own MX 980/985, could you please tell me what their sound is like?


I have a Sennheiser CX 95 wanted to upgrade because I don't like their V-shaped sound, the mids are too recessed, so I was looking at CX 985. Then I read a review on amazon with the reviewer writing that CX 985 have a V-shaped sound, just like CX95.


After reading the review, I reconsidered CX 985. But I'm still wondering about MX 980/985, since they are praised very highly, I am curious about their sound and their signature, are they V-shaped too, like the CX? Or are they better balanced?


A bonus question, are they much better than YUIN PK2?

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You probably won't like the CX985 since it does have slightly recessed mids.

The MX985 is a thick, darkish earbud with relatively clean-sounding mids and extended but smooth treble. Even though they are more up front than the old MX760, I'd still say they are more distant-sounding than something like the PK2. For the record, I've only tried a modded PK2, which really wasn't to my taste.

What other headphones do you have or have tried that you like? Something tells me you prefer forward midrange presentation, which is why I hesitate to recommend the MX985.
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I haven't listened to other earphones, other than YUIN PK2 and CX95.


I have Grado SR225s, which are full-sized headphones. And I really like their in-your-face sound with very sharp and clear treble. Everything is near.


I don't like distant sounding, recessed earphones, I like thumpy bass, mids present and very clear treble - bordering on bright.


CX 95 have a great clarity and treble, but their bass is a bit weak and as mentioned mids are in the background, it feels like instruments are playing near you, while the performer is singing behind them.


Which ones are more clear MX 985 or PK2?



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Interesting that you find the CX95 to lack bass. I have the CX550 (same headphone, different color) and I don't find the low frequencies to be deficient at all. They do also have slightly recessed mids, though, and they do have a more distant presentation.

I had a hunch you liked Grados. I personally haven't tried them before since I like a more laid-back presentation, but I don't think there are two more opposing sound presentations than Senn and Grado. Since I haven't heard a Grado, I'm not sure what earbud would be closest.

Out of those two earbuds, the MX985 is definitely clearer sounding to me.
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Thank you the the info/feedback kjk!

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I've got the MX 985 as a gift from my mom and ive got to say that this has got to be my best pair of earphones to date in my collection.

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I recommend trying VE.
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