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Best Headphones for Music and Monitoring

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What model headphone would you suggest in the roughly $100 or less range, that is open or semi-open, for the purposes of monitoring and editing screencasts / online videos as well as rock, pop and classical music listening?


My goal is to buy the best roughly $100 (or less) headphone that is open or semi-open (use in a home office) for the following purposes.


- Monitoring the creating and editing screencasts/ online videos

- Pop, rock and classical music listening.


It will be used with a M-audio fast track c400 and some with a desktop computer.


I was leaning towards a Sony 7506 until I decided I needed to hear room sounds (young children about). And then the Superlux HD668B. 


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I'm interested in this topic as well.Just looking for the same myself.I'm in England though and the prices are much more different than USA.

First I would beg you not to even think about the HD668B.

Especially if you need noise cancellation in a fair level.

I was reading so many topics these days after I broke my old Sony MDR V-150.They are just £8.50 in Ebay. Have them for 3 years now and I'm pleased of the sound they produce.They are flat,canceling the noise in a fair level and have enhanced bass with no sound losses.I listen to them on my Ipod Nano 6th + Fiio E6.Have tried them on a few home stereo's and have barely heard them losing the sound quality in a maximum volume. Apart from all these good words I know there is and want to go for something more.

I've tried Sennheiser HD 202 and think they are much better.Because of the design and the 10 m cable I won't buy them though as I'm looking for portable Headphones. Then I read about these Superlux models. They appear to be very famous in this forum and USA overall. Was searching all day long for something like that but everybody says they're the best for the price so I bought them (HD681 - almost the same as 668B). Was so excited when I had them.I opened the package and ... sweet mother of hundred gods what the F*** is this ? They are Huge...and uglier than I thought ... tested them and....bloody bullocks...that's the worst noise I've ever heard.Tried different styles and songs...Bad bass...deep but not clear...the middle was OK but the highs...you feel pain because of them in a normal volume...tried Dolby Digital Movie. MDR V-150 sweet sound with clear deep bass thundering in my ears.Almost had the feeling the floor was shaking as well. Next tested 681...lower bass levels...bad quality...not a constant sound...middle OK but when Sandra Bullock talks...that hit me in my heart...ridiculously high levels in a bad meaning...tried them on my Ipod,lowered the amp's volume and tried to enhance the quality with the equalizer...still sh*t.Now they're on the floor where they belong to and will return them in Monday.Worst buy ever ! My in ear plugs from unknown Chinese seller in ebay bought for £ 3 + P&P are much much more sound leveled and with better bass even on max volume.


I would suggest if you don't want to break the bank and you're not looking for a professional headphones,go for Sony MDR V-150 or Sennheiser HD 202 II  - both < $ 40


My mate has Audio-Technica ATH M50's  ~  $ 100-110 . He's a music producer and is completely happy with them. They sound awesome and as far as I know their the best for the price and more. Doesn't suite me though as I'm seeking portable ones for less than £ 50

If you have the budget go for them.Won't regret for sure. If you want cheaper the HD 202 II have similar quality but are on ear headphones with smaller driver unit size.


Hope that helps.

Will wait for other opinions and I'm wondering if anybody will mention the good old Scull Candies :)

And how about Noontec Zoro or Nopntec Hammo?

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