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Westone 3 vs Westone 4

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I the Westone 3 was on sale on Amazon for 177$ so I bought them and got them and they sound okay. Much brighter than the shure 215. However I do t know if the base in it is bad or I am just used to the bass of the shure 215s bass. It just in some songs it's so good and in some the shure 215 have more prominent bass.

However, I want to know if the Westone 4r sound is much better than the Westone 3 and whether it's with the price 375$ vs 177$.

Note that I can still return re Westone 3 as I nought it from Amazon.

I am using my galaxy note 3 and Spotify premium to listen to music.

If also there are better alternatives with the same design as the Westone please let me know.

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What about the bass?  Too little?  Too much??


W4 is quite a bit different than W3.  Much smoother, much more refined, much more balanced, less overall bass qty but more textured and better quality bass.  Much more of an audiophiles type of sound.  


If you listen to a lot of electronica hip hop or rap you may want to stick with W3, otherwise W4 could surely be considered an upgrade to W3.


Depends what you are looking for.

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The bass was too little for me.


And also it was too sibilant. In rock music I heave an ear fatigue after 5 minutes of listening to it ! It's way too bright.


I want something that is like the Shure 215 that have warmth but with more detail and bass but not very bass heavy like the Sony XB90 or others.....


I want something that is not too bright, not too smooth, not too bass shy and not too bright.


Is that too much to ask ?


A $200 max budget so please help.



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Sounds like a Atrio MG7 might be up your alley. Or the Yamaha EPH-100. Those have seriously powerful bass.


The westone 3s can be quite sensitive to source, meaning poorly mastered tracks or recordings will sound bad and harsh due to the transparency

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Westone 3 is very tip dependent. Make sure you try them with the white triple flange before you give up on them. Early threads said some people had sibilance using short tips. Or try the longest foamies, get a deep seal.

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I did. And it still sound harsh to my ears. I ordered the westone w4r, vsonic gr07 bass edition, and Sony 7550. I will see which one sounds good.
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W3 has much more bass qty than all of those.  P-series comply tips is way to go with W3.  Will blow your head off and rattle your molars.

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Well, I used almost every single ear tip and I do have a good seal I am pretty sure of that. But the bass sometimes good and sometimes lacking. Is it possible that I got a defective unit ?

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Originally Posted by SKilleT View Post

Well, I used almost every single ear tip and I do have a good seal I am pretty sure of that. But the bass sometimes good and sometimes lacking. Is it possible that I got a defective unit ?

what type of files are these? flac? what kbps.... this too can effect the frequencies and make you perceive bass response better on one track but poor on another.....say lossless vs 128kbps.

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I am using Spotify Premium using "Maximum" audio quality which is 320kbp. I have no problem with the audio quality but the headphones.


I dont know what to buy.........

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I also wanted to add that I use DT 770 250ohm so you guys will have an idea of where I am coming from :)

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Have you tried the P-series(long) Complys? I hear they help.

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I dont think the problem is with the ear tips. 


Are there any over the ear IEMs that are good all rounders ?

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Just got the Westone 4R and they are 10000000x better than the Westone Triple driver. It's clear without being fatiguing like the W3. The beas is also 10x better. It's all around much much better than the W3.



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W3 sounded muddy to me during my months with them. Mids were hard to separate. But, I remember being impressed with was the big sound and its energy -- like full-sized headphones. W3 and W4 are not polar opposites, but I definitely think the W3 err on the side of heavily-marketed sounds whereas the W4 reels it in and tightens it up. Compared to the ES5 though, the W4 really sound quite warm, so I think my perspective on sound signatures is off balance.

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