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I currently own a pair of dt770 pro 250s that I'm using with a schiit stack. Love the setup; no regret but still room for some improvement.

So first off what I'm looking for:


Something with forward bass and mids with more rounded off highs.

What I'm trying to improve upon about the 770s sound signature: I'm content with the sub bass but I'd like a little more punch in the mid bass and more forward mids. Also softer highs, even if slightly.

I'd like to stay below $250 - I can go up to $500 if it's from bestbuy, I have a hook up there still.

Also I'd like to try EQing with the 770s and see if I can get what I'm listening for. Any recommendations? I've seen recommendations on a foobar EQ but I'm looking for a software equalizer that will do a system wide EQ on my pc; if not I can take recommendation on an external EQ (sub $120; cheaper the better though).

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