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What's in Between a Sennheiser and a Grado?

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In the space of a week I've purchased a pair of HD600s and SR325is'. As you know, these are probably about as different as you are going to find; however, neither are really doing it for me. I feel that the 600s are too laid-back and lack treble, although I might possibly keep them because I love how they sound when I'm listening to music in bed at night. Even though I've only had the 325is' for a couple of days (they were purchased second-hand so have already been burned in) I don't think I will grow to love these. The comfort issue is too much for me, and they would have to sound unbelievably good for me to keep them. At times, I can't even appreciate what they have to offer because they hurt my ears so damn much.


Therefore, I think I'm looking for a model that is on par with the 600s in regards to comfort, slightly forward (I want to be just a few rows back), has clean, crisp treble (it shouldn't be overly bright), a wide soundstage and very good imaging.


I think the issue with the Grado's, apart from their comfort, is that they are better suited to harder rock. Distorted guitars and more aggressive music in general sound really good, although at times overly bright. The imaging and wider soundstage just isn't there like the 600s either. Softer rock and pop in particular just don't impress. I've never liked listening to metal whatsoever either, which Grados are meant to excel with, so maybe I should never have got the 325is'.


Headphones seem to be so much more expensive in England than America, so keep that in mind when recommending something. However, I'm not really sure what the best course of action is. If I sell both the 600s and 325is' then my budget would be around £400; if not, £200-250 is about right. I'm thinking eBay would be my best bet. For example, I wouldn't have bought the 325is' if they weren't available for £200, as they cost £300 new.

I think it's a good idea to give you an idea of my favourite albums rather than artists, as some artists can change quite a bit from album to album, which include Funeral (Arcade Fire), Burst Apart, Hospice (The Antlers), Sounds of Summer (Beach Boys), anything by the Beatles, Blink 182, Bob Dylan, Jason Mraz, Rolling Stones Flaming Lips, Taylor Swift (yep, I said it:D) I'm Wide Awake It's Morning (Bright Eyes), Ziggy Stardust (Bowie), Plans (Death Cab), The Doors, Either/Or (Elliott Smith), The Earth is a Cold Dark Place (Exploisons in the Sky), Loveless (MBV), Boxer (The National) Pyschocandy (The Jesus & Mary Chain), Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Pavement), The Stone Roses....I'm sure you already got the idea after the first few.


I only own an O2 amp and listen to music (320kbps) through my laptop. So...any model recommendations?


One more thing, I'm listening to my 600s as I type this and they're starting to sound really good. Maybe it takes a Grado to appreciate a Sennheiser!

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Simple answer: AKG K701/Q701/K712, etc. and to a lesser extent, Beyerdynamic DT880's.

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Went with the K601's in the end. Quite cheap and seem to do well with my kind of music. Still on the look out for a pair of dt880's though.

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Whats between dark and bright? Neutrality.
DT880 is my recommendation.
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