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Where did you read that the paper would be some sort of resonance absorber? And why and how does humidity affect it? what are the other factors?

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Originally Posted by Headzone View Post

Where did you read that the paper would be some sort of resonance absorber? And why and how does humidity affect it? what are the other factors?

The wool paper baffle is some kind of acoustic resistance, the whole enclose  would be "resonance absorber"

Its can be seen as a quasi helmholtz resonator , work to trap back waves.


And its clear that some "damping" mod in this forums make nonsense here.

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Does the frequency not have anything to do with my ear fatigue and having to EQ the top two khz in my Sound Blaster Z studio down -5db and -7db?

People with the D2000 which have a top end of 45khz, 10khz higher frequency response, say they can't stand the shrill of the DT-990s,...

Does this have to do with an EQ leveling issue?
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The manufacturer rated spec of upper frequency extension has nothing to do with the coloration of the treble.

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Originally Posted by bassboysam View Post

I don't know, i just don't hear any harsh treble with the DT990.   I find the K550 a lot more "painful".

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I am rocking the DT990 600s paired with a Bifrost Uber dac / Lyr amp combo and I am incredibly pleased with how they sound.  When I put them on in the morning I simply can't take them off - Very comfy!  I had second thoughts with my purchase after reading extensive reviews but I do not find the treble to be as unbearable and screechy as others have described.  I do feel it has a some what U shaped sound signature however I do not feel like the mids are too recessed or non existent. (Ignorance is bliss i suppose..?)  I am burning in the amp / dac and phones together so it is hard to judge what impacts of the burn in process may be affecting the evolution of the sound signature.  I was really considering returning DT990s since the HE-400s are now on sale for $299.  However- I like the idea of holding onto the DT990s for monitoring purposes and aiming upgrade my setup with the HE-560s in future.  Had a pair of Bose Q2s for years and I am very happy to finally make an upgrade to my audio gear! Safe to say... HIFI Cherry = Popped

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I'm hoping the dt 990 pros won't sound too sibilant with my music streamer ii and schiit magni combo.  My Grado SR 80s (old version) do sound a bit too warm in the high mids and treble for me after a while (usually 20-30 minutes).  But I feel that the combo is warmer in these areas and a bit light in the bass zone with these phones.  That being said, with bass-heavy genres, they actually sound pretty good.  


I was listening directly to the headphone jack of my old Denon CD player and then quickly switching to my magni hooked up to the Denon and found the magni to be quite bright and detailed in the upper ranges, while the Denon headphone jack by contrast had a bid more width in the soundstage and was warmer in the low/mid ranges, but overall less detailed.  It still sounded good, though.  


Then when I compared the same music (Soulero, first track of the album) from the computer with lossless flac files coming through asio on Foobar, the sound remained detailed in the highs and warm in the mids, but only decent in the bass.  I'm hoping this is the fact that the Grado Prestige series is a bit bass-light to begin with, and when I get the dt990s I'll find them to be fine.  


I just hope I don't get the phones and then regret my dac/amp combo....

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