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I bought the M100, loved the fit/finish but was dissapointed with the sound as it seemed muddy sounding to me. I listen to mostly rock and metal with some pop/acoustic style music. I don't need thick heavy bass but quick hitting bass would be good. I need the vocals and intruments to be clear.


here are my requirements:


No amp, these will be driven by my Samsung Galaxy Note II

Prefer a removable cable

Portable (obviously), will have them around neck or in a messenger bag when not in use. 

Jack cannot be too big due to phone case (i.e. Sennheiser HD-25)

Good isolation, these will be used on the subway and walking around Manhattan. 

Not sure if I want on or over ear but since I will be using these in the city (and during the summer), I think on ear might give me less sweat issues but might not give me the best isolation)



my current headphones:






Steelseries flux

Westone UM1



I don't want anything with batteries (i.e. UE6000)