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What is your opinion between the Sennheiser HD25-1 II and the Beyerdynamic DT-1350?

Poll Results: Sennheiser HD25-1 II OR Beyerdynamic DT-1350

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    Sennheiser HD25-1 II
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    Beyerdynamic DT-1350
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The only "real" headphones I own are Beats Studios. They aren't great and that's why I am here. One thing I do like about the Studios is that they are extremely comfortable for me but besides their cheap sound, they have a lot of sound leakage, limited isolation, and aren't very portable. I watched Head-Fi TV Episode 4 which compared the HDs and the DTs but I am still undecided as to which set to go with. I am looking for headphones that I can commute with on the train and when I am studying in the school library. The Studios are terrible for this because their sound leakage disturbs the people around me and I do not listen to them very loud. I have also never wore on-ear headphones before so I am unsure how comfortable they will be.


Here is some additional information:


•Budget: $200 or less

•Source: I'll be plugging these into my ipod, laptop, etc.

•Isolation: I would like a decent amount of isolation

•Tonal Balance: I would like an emphasized bass but I don't want anything else to be buried.

•Past headphones: Apple ear buds, Beats Studio model (I know they aren't great but they were a Christmas present)

•Preferred Music: I usually listen to indie (Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons), house/trance/etc (Infected Mushroom, Astrix), rock (Queen, Dropkick Murphys), and a little bit of jazz and rap.


***Also, I know the Senns have a removable cable but do the Beyers have one? I am not exactly fond of a permanent cable as these need to be portable and I sometimes catch on things.



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I've only heard the aggressive and fun HD25 but I've heard that the Beyers are a bit cold and analytical?

Pretty sure the DT-1350 has no removable cable, but I could be wrong.

Isolation is very good on both.
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I've had the Amperiors, not the HD25-1 ii, but I think they're similar enough. Sound-wise I preferred the DT1350, but that's probably because I prefer a more neutral/brighter sound. The amperiors have more bass, but still very clear.


But for everything else- The Amperiors won.

First, the DT1350 clamps harder and the earpads are smaller- meaning that you get more pressure points on the ears. The fit is picky too- the Amperiors, you can just plop them on no problem, but the DT1350's require a very specific angle... just annoying to use. Finally, my pair of DT1350's the leather stitching on one of the headbands started coming off within a month, which is why I ended up returning them.

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Have tried the different variants of the HD25 as well as the DTs. Haven't tried the new ALU but that's out of the price range anyway. Have the Adidas version of the HD25s which I'm letting go coz of too little ear time but these were my go-to cans when I want faster pasced music for awhile. 


For the genres of music you listen to, especially EDM and Rock, I doubt you'll find a better portable can than the HD25, at that price range. The PRat and bass, tight punchy bass, isn't matched by any portable can, in my opinion. 


The Amperiors plays decently across a wider range of music but it's definitely not as fast as the original ones though bass goes deeper and feels more controlled. 


If you want details and a neutral, personally I find a little flat, response compared to a U-shaped sound sig, go for the DTs.  


Both provide excellent isolation and are pretty hardy. 


All I've said being my own two cents and from my own personal experience. Hope it helps. 

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I appreciate all of your opinions! I'm still a little torn between the two because it seems that the DTs are more portable considering they can fold and have a case but the HDs I think would have a better sound. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere near me that carries these headphones to try out. If the HDs are easy to just plop in my backpack then I would go with them but sadly they do not come with a hard case to protect them.
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You won't need a case. Really. The HDs will survive thru a zombie apocalypse. As a weapon. Haha.


You're welcome btw. Hope you're happy with whichever you decide to go with. 

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I have both and prefer neither!!


HD25 - can hurt the ears after a while wearing them since they are a bit tight. I use velour pads - they are a little darker than the DT1350 with good solid bass. Tough as old boots.

DT1350 - Easier to wear for longer periods but there is something about its timbre I really don't like. For me, it's a bit nasally sounding and thin. I'd say they're OK. Uneven FR up top too. It's very jagged.

The Momentum - mostly ok but again, a bit dark up top and the highs are rolled away. Pleasant for loud listening. I think I prefer them to the DT1350 and the HD25 in spite of their coloured nature. (a mini HD650 sound)

Soon to come - the Creative Aurvana Live 2. Looks promising from graphs made in Russia. Very extended in bass and treble - will find out Monday.

The M50 - again - it's OK. Raised bass that some really like.

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Thanks everyone! I think I am going to go with the HDs.

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