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For Sale or Trade: [MORE gear added!] [Price Drops!] Rare headphones, DiY parts, and more!

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For Sale or Trade:
[MORE gear added!] [Price Drops!] Rare headphones, DiY parts, and more!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Oper8tion: Sell ALL the headphones, John.



I need to downsize my collection to make way for some new cans. The individual threads thing wasn't exactly working well, so here's one huge listing for everything. Everything must go. Keep in mind that all prices are debatable and include shipping within the CONUS unless otherwise stated, so feel free to make me an offer. I'm also open to reasonable trade offers. 

Headphones for sale:


Cans (Click to show)

Audio-Technica ATH-6D: $100 (or best offer, shipped)

--Unobtainum levels of rare. Audio-Technica's dynamic flagship in 1985. Only know of 3 owners including myself. Very pretty, most comfortable headphone on the planet. Great shape, though they have been recabled. Sound is good, fast with a deep soundstage, a little bassy but not in a bad way. Relatively hard to drive.


Echo TDS-16 [Smela version] [NOS]: $95 (or best offer, shipped CONUS)

--Extremely rare, brand new in box. New old stock straight from Russia. Comes with manual, headphones, and all box inserts. Excellent sound.


KOSS PRO/4AAA$45 (firm, plus shipping)

--Extremely rare series 2 model, very heavily modified. Has removable cable and new pads as well as modded damping and vented backs. Sounds excellent; great bass slam with a huge soundstage. Great condition. 


Pioneer SE-700: $40 (or best offer, shipped CONUS)

--Good shape cosmetically, but one side doesn't produce sound. For parts only. 


Sony DR-9: $15 (or best offer, shipped CONUS)

--Rare-ish, once TOTL in the 1970s. These were a surprise for me, very comfy and sound far better than I expected them to. Unfortunately, something is wrong with one of the crossovers, so I can't use these for their intended purpose. 


KOSS K/6A: FREE (just pay shipping)

--These are just.. bad. If anyone wants them, pay for the shipping and they're yours. If not I'll just junk them. Excellent shape, like new in box. Not good sounding. Could be a great DIY project.


AKG K240 Studio: $25 (firm, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Like new in box, less than 5 hours on them. Missing cable and pads.


Audio Technica Signet TK33 (ATH-8): $80 (or best offer, plus shipping) -SOLD-

--Mint minus the pads, has original box, foam inserts, and energizer. Earpads have been replaced with velour pads from an SE-700. Great entry-level stat. The energizer is heavy so I can't cover shipping.


Beyerdynamic DT1350: $120 (firm, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Good condition, with original box and all accessories except for the airline adapter. Slight issue with the right slider, cosmetic only and fully functional. 


Sony DR-S7$45 (or best offer, plus shipping) -SOLD-

--Rare. Mint in box. 2-way design using cones based on the same speakers as the DR-Z drivers. Good sound.


Pioneer SE-6 [Like new]: $120 (or best offer, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Extremely rare, in pristine, almost perfect condition. These look like they're basically NOS; no scratches, no scuffs, no damage, pads are perfect. Absolutely gorgeous, extremely comfortable, huge soundstage. Very dynamic. Detachable earcups.


Sony MDR-CD180$25 (firm, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Good beaters, natural sound with good imaging, comfortable, easy to drive. I have a nearly identical CD280 so I don't need them. No box.


Yamaha YH-1 (stock): $60 (firm, plus shipping) -SOLD-

--Great shape, never modified. Headband is slightly warped, pads are deteriorated but functional. No scratches or blemishes on the plastic.


Pioneer SE-700: $140 (or best offer, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Great shape. Sonically sound, late production version. Internal wiring has been redone. Headphones only.


Sony DR-Z5: $70 (or best offer, plus shipping) -SOLD-

--Decent condition. Has a new Sennheiser HD600 cable. Headband is no longer removable but adjusts fine. Pads are in alright shape. Definitely show some wear but are 100% functional. Great portables.

Source Components for sale:


Sources: (Click to show)
FiiO D03k: $20 (or best offer, shipped CONUS)
--Perfect shape. Comes with an optical cable and wall adapter (not normally included from FiiO)

Amplification Equipment for sale:


Amps (Click to show)
Schiit Asgard v1: $180 (or best offer, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-
--Excellent shape. Missing rubber feet, otherwise mint, comes with original factory box from Schiit.

DiY parts:

These are either bare parts or non-working headphones that could be used for DIY projects.


Parts (Click to show)

Audio Technica 12 micron electret drivers: $15 (tested, pair or individual, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--12 micron unipolar electret drivers built by Audio Technica. Used in the ATH-6 and ATH-7. Great shape, fully functional.


Audatron SH-608R: $15 (shipped CONUS)

--Lacks drivers and cable. Retro-looking shell, would be good for a DiY project. Has AKG pad mounts. Good shape.


Peerless MB 55mm Orthodynamic Driver: $25 (restored, tested, individual only, shipped CONUS)

--Used in the Bang & Olufsen U70, Magnat RT-10, etc. Guaranteed fully functional. 7 day warranty after date of purchase. 


Fostex-made dynamics, 40mm, low end: $15 (tested, pair, shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Good little dynamics. Bassy, respond well to damping. Good for a small scale project.


Fostex T50RP parts: $5 a piece (shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Used the drivers for a project, but I have everything else left over. Need a part for the headphone, just ask me. 

[] (Click to show)

----Baffle plate (x2)


KOSS Pro/4AAA parts: $5 a piece (shipped CONUS) -SOLD-

--Have some spare pieces for these.

[] (Click to show)

----Yoke (x3)

----Earcup (tan) (x6, 3 right and 3 left)

----Earcup (black) (x2, 1 right and 1 left)

----Headband leather (tan) (x3)

----Headband spring (x2)

----Headband insert (x2)

----Baffle Plate (series 1 x2, series 3 x1)

----Series 1 driver (x2)

----Series 3 driver (x1)

----Chrome yoke mount (x3 series 1/2, x1 series 3)


Panasonic RP-HTF600 parts: $5 a piece (shipped CONUS)

--Have a full headset and 1 working driver. No pads.


This is not an all-inclusive list. I have a giant box of old headphone parts so if there's anything you need that's not listed here, ask me and I might be able to hook you up.


This stuff isn't necessarily audio gear but I don't need it and I'd like to sell it.


Random sh*t (Click to show)

Sony Playstation Vita 3G First-Edition Bundle: $190 (or best offer, shipped CONUS)

--Near mint, in box, very sparse scratches on the screen, comes with Little Deviants and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, both with original case. Includes EVERYTHING from the first edition bundle. Got it years ago and never really used it much, nearly perfect shape. Never existed outside of the protective case unless it was being played.


Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition [3DS]: $10 (plus shipping)

--Almost never played, has holographic sleeve for the case. Good condition.

Make an offer:

These ones I'm not exactly trying to sell, but could be convinced to with the right offer.


Moar Cans (Click to show)

Pioneer SE-300:

--Pretty much unobtainium. Some 3 pairs confirmed to exist. Good shape, perfectly functional. I don't use these so if a collector wants them I'll reluctantly part with them.


Sony DR-M5:

--Missing one driver, but if someone really wants them, they're in good shape otherwise.


Pioneer Monitor 10-II:

--Nearly impossible to find in any condition... and this pair is like new in box.  Foam frontwave damping is starting to disintegrate but is still there, so they still sound as they should for the time being. These were HIGHLY overengineered for their time period, with neodymium magnets, a CCAW voice coil, dual suspension headbands, and a ridiculously large, thin driver membrane. Has all original box goodies as far as I know (instructions are on the box itself, cardboard box padding, warranty card, customer support card). Collector worthy. Only reason I'm considering selling this is because I have two pairs; they sound incredible.

Not for sale:

Just as an FYI, not selling any of these, so don't ask.


Mine :I (Click to show)

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

KOSS K/6X Plus                                                  

Pioneer SE-500

Sony MDR-605

Sony DR-Z6 

Sony DR-Z7


Pictures are available on request. Shoot me a PM or post in the thread. Thread updated 2/6/14.



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Ergh, bump.

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Upd8ted and added more headphones. Also 8ump ::::)

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Ugh, 8ump. All prices lowered, again. At this point I'm basically giving everything aw8y. ::::I

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Need to mark the TDS-16's sold. Then it will really look like you're moving inventory.
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Originally Posted by Ice Nine View Post

Need to mark the TDS-16's sold. Then it will really look like you're moving inventory.

I have more than one p8ir of them........

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8ump. Prices down AGAIN. Really need to get rid of this stuff........

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Payment made on akg k240
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More stuff added to the listing. 8ump.

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Ugh, this 8n't going very well. 8ump. ::::(

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Sold some things, but still got stuff to get rid of. 8ump.

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