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iFi nano iCAN. "Name that Attenuator" competition. Winner no. 1 winner of iCAN nano is... - Page 24

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 iFi iCans 12


 iFi iCans 24


Where "Cans" stands for cancel and the headphone itself.

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Hisstory (hiss is history)...this also works well if the attenuator is part of an existing product: eg. iFi now with Hisstory TM


Blackground.... eg. iFi version II now with Blackground TM  ...this denotes a major benefit...a blacker background. (as opposed to a feature, which is marketing 101)


Hushhh....IFi now with HushhTM technology.


XactTM volume control or attenuator (denotes that the product allows you to adjust volume precisely to avoid hiss)


iFi2GO or iFi-2GO (implying portable)


Eargasm (OK, a bit over-the-top; but certainly memorable:)

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Why not,


  • Little
  • Small
  • Tiny
  • Pisces 
  • Virgo
  • Little Aries 12
  • Big Aries 24
  •  Aquarius24   (The "water-bearer." Prevents the flow of electrons. Not sure if it was without an i before)
  • Aquarius12


  • Little dipper 12
  • Big Dipper 24

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  • Pi12
  • Tau24
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how about-



i-gain control


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If you're going to use number 12 and 24 for the name, then I'd suggest this 


I like the idea that you do crowd-marketing and involve customers in the process.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!

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  • Little dipper 12
  • Big Dipper 24


And piggybacking: Ursula Minor (12) and Ursula Major (24)

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iBODY.....what a beutiful creature!

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Has been some really excellent suggestions.  I just read through a lot of them again.  The one I keep coming back to would be the iFi Mongoose (kills hiss).  Credit to Ishcabible (post #175).

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How about "Chrysalis"? Just the shape of the attenuator reminded me of a chrysalis! The sound changes with the attenuator, much like the caterpillar changes into something more beautiful.
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BTW, is the attenuator comes only in 1/4-to-1/4 TRS? Since it is kind of designed for IEM and low impedance headphone, would make sense if there is a 1/4-to-1/8 TRS version as well. That way we won't have to use another 1/4-to-1/8 adapter that adds to the bulk.

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Two messengers between the gods and humans were two gods, both from Greek mythology, Hermes and Iris. Both were gods who went between the world of the gods (music) and the humans (physical ear). Both names could be used, one for the -12dB and for the -24dB, or Iris (or possibly iRis) could be used for both. Iris was the personification of a rainbow, which is physically reminiscent of the shape of the attenuator. Both Hermes and Iris carried a winged staff called the caduceus, which could be used in marketing. 


Gemini and Mercury, other iFi product names, are Roman though. The Roman version of Iris is ArcusThere is a lot to like about calling the attenuator Arcus. Like Iris, she is the messenger of the gods and is also associated with rainbows. She moves fast and thus delivers messages well. In Latin, arcus can mean arc, bow, rainbow (again, terms which resemble the physical shape of the attenuator).  I think this is my best idea, both capturing the function and shape of the attenuator while also integrating it into the iFi product line of accessories.


In a different direction, I've thought some of the difficulty is that an attenuator does something that sounds negative. Who wants less power? Who wants to reduce? It takes too much explanation. Something positive though is defending/guarding. This is about volume control and, while predominantly about sound quality for headfiers, is also about volume. What about Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guarded the underworld? (He had a serpent tail, reminding me of the looks of the attenuator.) Other less creative ideas are iDefender, iGuardian, etc. 


Another idea, which rides off of Thor's popularity in the Marvel universe of movies, is Bifrost. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects the world of the humans (Midgard) to the world of the gods (Asgard). In this picture your amps, are the world of the gods but it needs a bridge to the world of humans. There is so much cool marketing that could be done with this idea, I think. (But...as I remember, this is the name of a Schiit product already...)


Gain Composure (I think this is a really cool idea. It takes a well-known phrase and gives it a whole new, and at the same time accurate, meaning.) 






Composer (Compose with a play on words)



(All could be in two versions -12dB, -24dB) 

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