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iFi nano iCAN. "Name that Attenuator" competition. Winner no. 1 winner of iCAN nano is... - Page 23

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 iFi iZara 12


 iFi iZara 24

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iSelect -Let the user decide whether to sport the over ear headphones or roll with the iem. 


iKeep -Keep the portability, isolation and sound quality. 




iWay -Have it your way! Over-ear? In-ear? It's your choice. 

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iLOL lowering output loudness
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Originally Posted by iFi audio View Post



Well, low is relative. In this case it was relative to unavoidable tolerances in transducers like headphones and to the frequency response of a typical headphone.


e.g. look here:



As to your second question, the example given with 12 Ohm minimum impedance and 64 Ohm impedance peaks is pretty much "worst case". Anything with higher impedance will see less variation.



Fair enough 

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Okay, now it's starting to make sense to me.


I don't know wether iFi has a future-proof, concise concept in terms of marketing and branding. So, as a business developer, I can only give you a few basics for now.


Wether these cables are 'upgraders' i.e. aftermarket products or 'essentials' i.e. part of a separate, non-persuasive range is currently prone to debate: to be certain of what I think is the right approach that provides business opportunities, I need lots of insights and some time.


In terms of branding it's wise to keep a tight grip on brand and product naming and use of relevant words:


- Core and associated products change over the years. iFi is the only 'fixed' word, it's your brand name. And it's a fine name, with word play. 


- Core products are active: power and data consuming. They use the 'i'. Product names are very no-nonsense: even in combination with the 'i' these don't produce word play.


- (For good alignment with iUSBPower consider naming the iPurifier 'iUSBPurifier'.)

- Associated products are passive: power and data transporting. Cables only, at this moment. Product names are Zodiac terms: 'Mercury' and 'Gemini'. So, as Head-Fi'er 'efeist' already suggested, using a zodiac term makes sense. In his case it was 'Libra', about scaling, balancing, the ohm-sign and providing resistance. Good idea !^)


- My suggestion is to keep in mind that the attenuator is not a normal upgrader, but a problem solver. So 'Aries' comes to mind: it's pro-active, about getting things done, masculin and dynamic. It's sign resembles and a plug, a jump between in and out. Sounds a bit like 'Aria' too.

Oh, sorry for the expensive words,


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Originally Posted by iFi audio View Post

Thanks to you and the OPs who are glad that we admit we learn something new everyday. We have to respond to market dynamics.




Sorry. Very unlikely - we do listen to/muck around internally with quite a few different headphones. We have zero plans to bring out an iFi headphone. We work too closely with some headphone manufacturers and we prefer not to tread on their toes.


iFi skunkworks

Plus, we have WAY too many other things coming through....cant let the cat outta the bag yet!


The micro iDSD on the HF Crowd-Design thread is the next one and after that we're going back in time...;)


Sounds like you have your hands full. I'll be anxious to see what you guys have to in store for us in the future.

I see what you mean about stepping on toes. Why turn friends and allies into competition. Though, I think iFI could do wonders in that market. 


Good luck on your future ventures.

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I like iFi nano iWAVE or iFi nano iWHISPER as both of these names fit into your current product lineup and direct the mind to an image of a small item - in addition to being catchy!  Hope this helps, even if I don't win.

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Huh, didn't realize this was a compeition lol, a fun thread either way


so how many submissions to we get? Can I just start spewing out things with Ifi in front xD


although I like ifi iSynergy, 

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iCOP - calming overdone pitch - also cop - a guardian of your ears smily_headphones1.gif
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Does this get you all thinking outside da box?


One of our staff modeled these photos from a recent show - it was probably taken in jest  - but we thought you all might like it.



So not only guys but gals can also like the "Attenuators"



C'mon, one more day to go, one final push...work those grey cells and come up with some names in place of "Attenuators!"

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ifi atom
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IFi Anti-Hisstamine
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iNegotiator (the Negotiator) 





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iFi iDapter

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