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iFi nano iCAN. "Name that Attenuator" competition. Winner no. 1 winner of iCAN nano is... - Page 12

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I'm not sure if these have been suggested, but:


  • iSmall
  • iSoft
  • iLight
  • iLow
  • iResist
  • iFly
  • iMacro
  • iNarrow

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non i-Names (Feature Names):

1) XSilence (A play on the word excellence)

2) XSilent Sound

3) Sound XSilence (SxS)

4) XSilence in Sound

5) Silence of the IEMs

6) Back to Black (B2B)

7) Back in Black (BiB)

8) XSilencer

9) XClarity

10) IEM-Q (Quiet IEM)

11) Super Sensitive Silencer (S^3 aka S cubed)

12) IEM Clarifier

13) IEM (In-Ear Mollifier)

14) IEM Anti-Venom (Hiss Reduction)

15) DHR (Dynamic Hiss Reduction)




iEM12 (or iEM-12 or iEM 12)

iEM24 (or iEM-24 or iEM 24)


iEMPurify12 (or iEMPurify-12 or iEMPurify 12)

iEMPurify24 (or iEMPurify-24 or iEMPurify 24)


iEMClarify12 (or iEMClarify-12 or iEMClarify 12)

iEMClarify24 (or iEMClarify-24 or iEMClarify 24)


iDeNoise12 (or iDeNoise-12 or iDeNoise 12)

iDeNoise24 (or iDeNoise-24 or iDeNoise 24)


iClarify12 (or iClarify-12 or iClarify 12)

iClarify24 (or iClarify-24 or iClarify 24)

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iCan Whisper

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Izanagi (from Japanese mythology, which, as luck would have it, has an I at the start of the name, and it sounds cool... And he executed the fire god, named kagu-tsuchi... And fire hisses so...), Icaramba, (clever name. Thought of the Spanish phrase aii caramba, and there was a name!)Iguana, (lol) Ideal, Illusive, Imagine, Immortal, Inertia, Ideal, Impede, Irreal, Influx, Isopod, Iris, Ionize.
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Not saying anything about attenuators but this one sounds fancy:


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iMongoose (get it? Kills snakes...hiss...hah)


But actually, if it's a separate product, it'd make sense for it to be iSomething because everything else except the Gemini is iSomething. Maybe iMask?


iShcabible would be cool too.


But if you'd be fine with exploring outside of the iSomething range, ClearFi (although Acer seems to be using that name for wireless stuff), IEMate (technica iEMate but nobody uses iEM anymore)

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iFi iShy (my favorite)

iFi iTympani (as in tensor tympani, the muscle in the ear that dampens sounds)

iFi iDimpani

iFi iDim (iDimplify?)

iFi iDimmer

iFi iDimine/iDimini (as in diminuendo)

iFi iDamplify

iFi iPure

iFi iPurify

iFi iRarify

iFi iPurge

iFi iAerify

iFi iMitigator/iMitigater/iMitify

iFi iModerator/ iModify (moderate)

iFi iCushion

iFi iSilk

iFi iLucidify

iFi iCrystallize / iCrystal

iFi iMellow 

iFi iCloak / iCoat


Specifically for hiss reduction :P

iFi iBadger

iFi iHoney (honey badger)

iFi iCobra 

iFi iHawk

iFi iEagle

iFi Average Joes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlsWsqQpWDQ​

iFi iAntidote



I could go all day...

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Got to be iTTENUATOR  !

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iBorg - Resistance is not futile
JuiceBooster - boost the juice on the iCan
DDoS - the dangly dongle of silence
Turn it up to 12!
The ranger
D-Sensitise technology
D-Sense-iFi technology (DST-12, DST-24) (easy for labelling on the ican if integrated)
ESP - Eliminate sensitivity problems
aural-pleasure-enhancer - 'the ape'
The silver bullet
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I went through a few pages and didn't find it.


I thought you might call it the iMpede, but that's pretty long and someone already suggested it.


How about the 


iFi iMp


Seems appropriate, small impedance matching adapter.

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