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iFi nano iCAN. "Name that Attenuator" competition. Winner no. 1 winner of iCAN nano is...

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Latest Update: 13th May (page 27 / post #401)

Today, we are pleased to announce winner no 1:


iSolution/iSOLATION - imlacker page11 / #156



Again, both of these have the potential to be standalone accessories as well as a feature.


Plus, on first blush, they pretty much informs the customer what they are about.


imlacker, please drop us a PM and we'll arrange an iCAN for you!


You have won the micro iCAN which is the costlier, desktop-based version.




A few final notes:


1. When we discussed these names amongst all our staff, there split between 3rd and 1st was not all that huge - we are gonna carry on kicking these names and your ideas around a few more but what ALL your suggestions have done is to shed more light into how and what you think so that in itself is brilliant.


2. We really enjoyed this. Yes some of the entries were made in jest and we also appreciated that as developing new products is stressful and sometimes it is nice to have customers make wise cracks.


3. Also, we liked running the competition as you guys get the chance to win something and we get to give something away. We'll put on thinking caps on as we may well run another competition because its good fun all round.


A big thank you!






Hi All,

A little background is in order to explain - so please bear with us here.

The picture below is of the exact iFi Attenuator that we had some customers beta test for us.


Here it is in the foreground (nano iCAN in background):

It was originally designed to be a "Feature" (perhaps more "Aftermarket Sales Accessory" in hindsight but we got a little excited and ASA is too wordy) for existing nano/micro iCAN customers.

But we needed a name as "Attenuator" is quite boring and they not usually known for good sonics.


However, we received a flood of emails from you and phone calls from our retailers (more from the USA than elsewhere) that non-iFi customers also wanted to buy the iFi attenuator. Heck, you saw the page jump! So we have been blown away.


After getting a few stressed out calls from people like Music Direct, we are now seriously considering whether or not we roll these into production for iFi customers only OR for everyone. Maybe we should run a poll?


We didnt have plans to make it as a product because it was intended to be a nice after-market extra for existing customers but we now have to seriously look into this - because of you guys


Again apologies for this as the situation was dynamic as opposed to static.



We have developed some exclusive attentuators for iFi customers who use very high-sensitivity IEMs with the nano iCAN, nano iDSD and micro iCAN. There are two versions: -12dB and -24dB.


We are running a competition for the next 10 days (close: Saturday 10th May GMT: 21.00).


Should you accept this mission, your objective is simple.


i. Think of a name/names instead of "attenuator"

ii. Post your suggestion/s in this thread

iii. The top 3 most-liked names - chosen by the iFi senior team of Thorsten et al will win:

#1 micro iCAN (rrp Euro259) (Ranked Number 1 headphone amp on Head-Fi!)

#2 nano iCAN (rrp Euro169)

#3 nano iCAN (rrp Euro169)

Best of luck to all of you!

Any questions, just ask away.

ps: Watchout for more goodies and happenings over at the Crowd-Design (NOT Crowd-Funding) for the upcoming micro iDSD!


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Is this out yet? If so, what online UK retailers are stocking it?



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Best give Stephen a call on 01900 601 954.


He'll drop you a line in the next round because very possibly the 1st tranche has been pre-sold.



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Once more with feeling =)





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Decrescendor 4X / Decrescendor 16X

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Originally Posted by bjas406 View Post

Uhhh, what's an attenuator? 😊

When you use high-sensitivity IEMs or headphones (eg such as those designed for iPhones which have 15mW amplifier) and then you plug the same into a higher-powered headphone amplifier such as the nano iCAN with 150mW, (ie: with 10x the power), the line is boosted too much and you hear hiss and the volume control is loud at 8 'o clock.


So you place this attenuator between iCAN > attenuator > IEM which cuts the line by -12dB OR -24dB (in the case of these iFi attenuators) to make the effective volume lower and the volume more useable (so you can dial up to 12 o' clock or more) and "eliminate the hiss."


Better sonics and hiss-terminated!

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My suggestion: iHissDestroyer

They work great with the Nano and Micro amps as described in my review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/ifi-ican-nano-portable-headphone-amp/reviews/10801

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My suggestion: iFi iSHH

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My naming suggestions:


iFi iBlack (as in: Black background)

iFi iEMhiss

iFi iMissHiss

iFi iEMQuiet

iFi iEMSilent



ps.  I'd akso like to buy one of these yet-to-be-named attenuators for my iFi iDSD nano and IEMs (Heir Audio 4.AiS, UM3X, SE215)!

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I-soothe or I-clean

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How about I-Quiet

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