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Question about burning in headphones? PLEASE HELP

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I have just received a new pair of cans. Knowing that these benefit with an amp I was wondering if they should be burnt in with one or is it the same without one. I dont have an amp yet,its going to be about 2 weeks until I get it. Im thinking I should because my device can barley give my M50's enough power.
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How loud are you listening to your M50's?? I have them and I can run them at ~60% from my S3 unamped..


Also about burning in, there's always some debate about it, but if you want to, go ahead, might not make a difference on the M50's..

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M50 is not hard to drive

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Being low impedance headphones they don't require a lot of driving power. For burn-in, just use them on a daily basis. Some decide to leave them playing music at night. 

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Burn in is a ritual that I do for about 40 hours on a new headphone. I select about 8 to 10 tracks from different genre of music and play repeatedly with flat eq setting on little high volume than normal listening level.

Some says burn in is a myth, but I prefer to do burn in.

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I believe in burn in because I've heard changes. Usually, it tightens the bass more than it smooths the treble.


I like to use both (1) a variety of music and (2) pink noise from http://simplynoise.com/. "How long?" is a made up number, but it differs by brand. AKGs are said to take a long time (100-400 hours!). Grados, according to John Grado, take 50 hours. My made up number for M50 is at least 70 and not more than 100.


I used to think that there's a direct relation between driver size and burn in time. Now, I think the biggest factor is driver type. But I don't have it all figured out yet.

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I also prefer to burn-in my new headphones for about 40hrs with the drivers facing flat down (so they have some resistance, as if their on your head) with different types of music at low to moderate levels, like rubinstein pretty much said.

Good luck with your new headphones, enjoy!

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I said my device can hardly power my M50. I've had those for about 2 years. I got the Pro700 Mk2,even thoug they're only 38 ohm ohms they have a quite high input power. I already had a listen,they definitel do need an amp. They do sound quite good already but at about 70% volume the bass gets flabby and the upper frequencies start to over power the lower end. Which is really the selling point for these. But no I dont think it needs to be amped but its definitely going to benefit from one. So do you think I can just keep using them? Will the end result be the same if they were amped during burn in?
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I believe the end result would be the same amped/un-amped, because you are still burning-in the drivers, no matter what they are moving and loosening up IMO.

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Yes, just keep using them. Burning is just playing music or sounds through the headphones, which moves the drivers around and may or may not help them "settle in" or whatever the idea is. Point is, burn in happens automatically just by using the headphones. It's not complicated. Using an amp or not makes no difference. It's certainly not going to hurt to just use them now, regardless of your views on how much difference burn in makes. 

It sounds like your amp doesn't have enough power. Burning in will not fix the distortion issue you are hearing. I've never had a headphone that sounded flabby and harsh at high volumes out of the box and then stopped after being used for enough time. You are hearing clipping, which is the main symptom of not having a powerful enough amp. 

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Alright thanks,so just casual listening is good for burn in,instead of pink noise or something ?
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I think you'll be able to burn it in without an amp because it doesn't strictly require one. Even if the result is incomplete--and I don't think it will be--partially burnt in is better than new.

I've had good experience with using the pink noise from that website in addition to music. You can plug the M50 into a computer jack and run that website in the background. (You might have to change the power settings on the computer temporarily so it doesn't automatically sleep / hibernate / shut down.)
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Originally Posted by willitblend View Post

Alright thanks,so just casual listening is good for burn in,instead of pink noise or something ?

I'm not sure if I believe in burn in, but when I get a new headphone, I leave it playing with my music library on shuffle for a couple days. Even if it makes no difference, it can't hurt. Playing pink noise can't hurt either, but none of my music sounds like pink noise, so I don't quite see the point of going to the trouble of finding a pink noise file just to give my headphone "practice" playing pink noise. I know that pink noise has an even mix of all the frequencies, which seems ideal in a way, but I think it makes more sense to let the headphones play the noises they will actually be used for -- drums, guitars, voices, etc. Variety instead of just a single droning pink noise sound. Either way though, the headphones will get burned in eventually and there is real downside to using the burn in method of your choice. But you aren't going to mess up your headphones if you don't burn in them in "properly," so don't make it needlessly difficult for yourself. 

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Alright thanks. Im just going to refrain from using them for now.
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