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For Sale: Pair of Mullard ECC32s

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For Sale:
Pair of Mullard ECC32s

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is a very nice pair of Mullard ECC32s.  I just tested them in my Jackson 646S tester and they both tested strong with no shorts or leaks.


ECC32s/CV181s can often be used in place of 6SN7s.  Please check with your manufacturer to confirm this.


The tubes come in their original boxes.


Similar pairs are selling for $500 and more on ebay.


Shipping is a flat $12.


I will cover any paypal fees.

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Priced reduced to $375.

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I am actually surprised they haven't sold for what I am asking since they go for well over $500 on ebay.  I guess people have spent all their money on holiday gifts.


Good luck with the tube sale.

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yeah might be a bad time to sell tubes, but the thread will surely take off after taxes early in the year :D

thanks, you too!


also i think people sometimes expect head-fi to be some sort of discount outlet or something and hope to get tubes dirt cheap (way below market, included for next to nothing with an amp purchase, etc...)

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