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Audio-Technica Ath-M50 vs. V-MODA Crossfade LP

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Hi, I have absolutely zero knowledge of headphones and am having trouble deciding between the Audio-Technica Ath-M50s and the V-MODA Crossfade LPs. I really like the look of white headphones so I'm looking at the white version of each. I like the look of the M50s slightly more but that isn't a deal breaker and the Crossfades look cool too. As far as sound goes, I listen to Indie and Alternative music mostly so that probably means bass isn't as big of a deal. I feel like both are probably of good enough sound quality that a noob like me wouldn't notice the difference but let me know if you think one would sound better for the music I listen too. I will only be using it with my iPhone and my laptop. Blocking out outside sounds is good. Comfort and durability are very important. My ears cannot be squished at all. Light is good. They should rest well on my head. I don't know if its a thing for the ear-parts to be too big but if either of them are too big i'd like to know. I would like them to last a long time. I am wary of a very long cord. I would almost certainly trip over it or get caught on it and it would make carting it around a little more difficult.



Any advice is appreciated.

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FWIR the V-Moda's have some serious bass, so if you're not looking for that I'd just go for the M50s. But the M50's comfort is only about average, so if that's a big priority then I suggest you look elsewhere. Also the M50s have a long cord... even coiled.


I think instead of the M50s, take a look at the Citiscape Uptowns. Comparable sound quality, better comfort and shorter cable. Also cheaper.


If your budget is higher, I recommend something like the Sennheiser Momentum.

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m50s comes highly recommended. So I suggest going with it.

LPS not highly recommended.

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V-moda Crossfade LP have lower sound quality than the ATH-M50's, objectively (Innerfidelity measurements, Crossfade LP & ATH-M50) and subjectively. Various posts on the forum state the audio quality to be very dissapointing compared to other headphones in the same price range, e.g. ATH-M50, however some users have stated after extensive burn-in the Crossfade LP sounds better than a lot of other heavy hitters.

The ATH-M50 have been repeatedly chosen as the 'best all rounder' by various sources, making its way into various holiday gift lists, while the Crossfade LP has not..

Both headphones are durable and don't have very long cords, while the Crossfade LP has a detachable cable.


At the end of the day I would try both and pick what you feel is best for your needs.

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i have the vmoda crossfade lps .  one reason i went with the vmodas is because amazon had a special deal on them in july so i bought two lps for 56 dollars a piece .  one was for my daughter .  the lps are great headphones especially for what i paid for them .  i like the way they look .  i got the gun metal grey color .  they are well built and should last forever .  i have always been skeptical of the breaking headphones in period but it really is true with the vmoda lps .  after more use these phones open up and sound clearer .  they are comfortable to wear and block out all outside sound .  the vmoda lps can handle anything i throw at them .  they never bottom out or distort .  i am considering adding an amplifier to improve the overall sound spectrum .  i have never heard the ath-m50s but i have read good things about them .



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I owned the m-50 for about ayear and it is a very respectable phone for the $$.

Through this site I got turned on to the more obscure Sound Magic HP100 which cost a little more  but IMHO sound better and are way more comfortable. I bought an open box pair on Amazon for less than $200

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I own a pair of the V-MODAs and I have a friend with the M-50s.  The sound is very similar between the two, if anything they LP's have slightly sharper highs.  That said, my LP's have a solid 72 hours of general pink noise burn in, and another 4 months of frequent use on them.  My friend has had his a similar amount of time, but I have no idea how much he uses them or if he put them through a pink noise burn in.  Obviously the LP's are know for their durability and the comfort of their pads, but you should also not that they lack the joints for folding that the M-50's have.  This means that while you are wearing them around your ears the LP's are more comfortable, but if you try to uncover 1 ear or drape them around your neck to talk to someone then then the M-50's are much better.  The M-50's pack into a smaller space but the LP's have that nice durable case and have the detachable cord. 


So the sound quality is similar enough that I recommend buying based on the other features and price.

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I've owned both cans. The sound signature and/or quality is not at all similar between the two.

Do yourself a favor and test both first. IF you still can't make up your mind at that point buy whichever one is cheapest at the time. If you want my opinion the M50 is a much much better sounding (overall) headphone and is also much more comfortable! Like I said, take a test listen/fitment of both if at all possible. If you go with the M50 buy a pair of these to complement them http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-hm5-spare-earpad-1pc 

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