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Just a shout out about Spotify.  Anyone else use it here?  I just started exploring it and with the premium membership am extremely impressed with the sound quality.   Diversity, ease of use, ubiquity, economy, and unbelievable quality from a streaming service.  I'm hooked!  Any other hi-fi-ers out there dig it? :L3000: 

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I use it on my desktop pretty often. The audio quality is pretty good on most tracks, they can achieve 320kbps through streaming which is impressive. I don't know how other people here feel about it, it seems like most people here just purchase the albums they want on discs to achieve the highest quality audio by ripping it themselves. 

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I use Spotifu Premium almost exclusively for music these days. I am very impressed and really enjoy being a listener rather than a collector. Couple of things take the shine off. Not being able to alphabetisise playlists and the fact that they took away the beta EQ.
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the quality is fine for most of their tracks. I use a HE400 & it's pretty sensitive to distortion/badly encoded music.


above 320kbps, it's very difficult to accurately differentiate it against a lossless track in a blind A/B test. I tried & I failed... so I am happy w/ spotify premium as my source.

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