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Hi All,


     I'll skip on how long I've lurked and how few times I've posted to get to the point of this post quicker.



     I'm slightly overwhelmed with the selection us consumers have and would like some guidance.



I'm thinking of getting the JH16 or the UE 18, or maybe the Melody Miracles that are so highly rated. Then pairing them with something from Ray Samuels with a Moon Audio cable... maybe.


Portable is clutch, I don't travel a lot, but when I do I like to stay light. My home system is fairly high end, I do in-house audio for a living. I've got an iPod running rockbox filled with FLAC files, mostly Vinyl Rips I did myself.


I guess money isn't really an option, but I'd say the same for my home system yet I'm not running Meridian DSP8000s. So reasonable budget.




-- JT