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For Sale: Headamp Blue Hawaii SE Deposit

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For Sale:
Headamp Blue Hawaii SE Deposit

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I put in an order for a BHSE + Alps RK50 in October last year, but I've decided to move on from 'stats. I'm looking for someone to take my order. You'll need to add Paypal fees and pay the amount in $AUD since Paypal will rip me off if I have to convert currencies. Upon Payment I'll inform Justin that you'll be taking my order.


Please note that this is a 1/4 deposit and once the amp is built you'll be required to pay the remaining 3/4s of the amount to Justin. 

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What batch is your order in?  Scheduled delivery?  Justin has had a price increase since your deposit, is he honoring the old price on your unit?


I asked these question in the thread rather than PM because the information should benefit all potential buyers, not just myself.

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