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A roundup of microdriver IEM's

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looking for some general discussion of the micro driver IEM's on the market and anything related to the performance, technology and enjoyment. mabey some news or innovation and upcoming releases.... would love to see lots of comparisons hehe! *list updated 6/16/2015*


jvc fxd80/70/60

jvc fxc51

jvc fxt90

sony mh1c

ath ckn70

shure se215

miles davis trumpet

sennheiser IE800


Yamaha EPH-100

Westone Adv Alpha

Aurisonic Rockets

Martin Logan Mikros 70

KEF M200

Havi B3

Audio Technica IM50/70

Vsonic VC02

Sony sbh80

Sony MDR-AS800BT

AKG K323

Octone Dynamic one

KZ Micro Ring

Sidy Hk1

Jvc FXT-100/200

JVC FXH-30/20/10


Creative HS-930I


i know im forgetting some, but feel free to run with this! ..... please!

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I'm kind of curious - why wouldn't this thread have been started in the IEM & Portables forum?
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Thick Third Bump 

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Sorry wasn't quite sure where to post this.
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really don't wanna see this topic die here fellas......


            currently ive tried the fxt90, and the jvc fxc51 and the shure se215. the 215 being my least favorite. the jvcs are neck and neck though. both have been fully burnt in as well. the fxt90 does have a more layered sound, but the fxc51 is just as good musically. im sure others will differ. actually im hoping so. has anyone else had any expirence with microdriver iems? please share your thoughts.

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Miles Davis trumpets. I wonder how they compare with the jvc fxd80.....
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I'm curious,


Is the microdriver a better technology or just a different one?


I bought the JVC FRD80 and I'm not too impressed.


It does have bass that is deep and clear, but there's too much of it. The whole presentation is quite subpar the 80$ mark. 


What exactly is a microdriver typically better at? How is it better than a regular dynamic driver or a ba?

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I would say just a different one. Other than the carbon nano tube coating found in the JVC line up, The advantages aren't with the driver itself. hell they prolly just scaled down a regular diaphragm. but rather with the ability to place in further in the ear. It reduces canal resonances. There must be something to it, with all the different models out on the market. 


I've really enjoyed my JVC FXC51's for a long time now. The fxt90's have grown on me and the se215's were pretty good too. so i guess the micro drivers have been a win so far with me. and all that carbon stuff seems pretty neat too. i look forward to future releases from different manufacturers. 


again, im not sure what or where a micro driver is better than a larger dynamic or BA, but i believe its all in the fit and placement of the driver. 


Thank you for your post. i hope to stir some more interest in the topic as I too would love to know more about the technology. specifically what is currently considered to best micro out there!! 


so far my current champ is my little old FXC51's. they are truly special. at least to me anyways.

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Originally Posted by ThickT View Post

i hope to stir some more interest in the topic as I too would love to know more about the technology.

I know what you mean. Up until recently, i thought that 'micro-driver' was just a 'catchphrase' to appeal to the masses.

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I would be interested to see if other sound reproducing technologies could be scaled down to be placed in the canal. Can you imagine a world where a 5mm electrostatic driver is on the tip of an IEM!!!

Hopefully more manufacturers will adopt the tech of the microdriver. I really applaud JVC for all of their work thus far. I hope they continue to explore with different coating materials. I haven't heard the ath ckn70, but It seems to be underwhelming but I believe ath has the engineering prowess to produce a very good microdriver.

Shure surprised me with the se215's. I was so used to shure being associated with multi-BA that the 99 dollar modular stage monitor microdriver warranted a purchase. Although I ended up selling it, I wouldn't say it was a bad phone. Just didn't quite tickle me in the upper mids and treble area. Again, I hope they try again with the microdriver shure would def. get a second chance to win me over with a future micro release. I would love to see them make a more barrel shaped universal with some Bella and whistles! BTW: I the se315 a single microdriver or is it a single BA?

I still really wanna try the eph-100's and trumpets. And I'm curious about the fxd60/70's too. The sony mh1c I believe has been confirmed as a hype train, so I'll prolly just pass on that one.
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I have the most expensive of the microdrivers(I think?), the Sennheiser IE800.

Makes the EPH-100 sound straight up fake.


If you should try another microdriver try out the JVC FXD70. IMO better sounding than FXD80 and EPH-100. The cable and strain reliefs are also much better on the FXDs.

There are some inconsistencies regarding the FXDs though that's a bit worrying. I have had 3 pair from the FXD line and no one have had driver flex or driver failure, but I heard about imbalances and some being more strident than others and so on.

FXD70 in IMO the best bargain all of audio if you listen to synth, new wave, metal, some pop, classical, rock and perhaps some fast electronic music.With a bit of EQ and crossfeed they can sound absolutely glorious.

You need to get these cheap foamtips to get the best out of them, both sonically and comfort.



More models

TDK IE800 is a double microdriver, Fostex TE-05(?) Aurisonics Rockets.

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wow i can only drool at the ie800! and see! look at sennhieser: A friggin awesome headphone company, and their top of the line offering is a microdriver!!!! thats sayin something haha. i bet it sounds absolutley stellar.


its very funny that you mention the fxd70, i have been targeting the fxd series as my next purchase. having the old style fxc51, i was very tempted to try the new fxd series. for a while i was going to get the fxd 80, but ive been reading more on the fxd 70 supposedly being the more balanced one and ive decided on the fxd 70 over the 80. so kudos to your suggestion!


i havent read anything really on the tdk ie800. seems like a pass, but still worth mention for the impliment of the microdriver(s). and i have no knowledge about the fostex or the rockets, but now i have some new stuff to look up!


thanks for the post! feel free to chime in again! 

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What are people's general impressions of the Westone ADV Alpha? As a Westone 3 owner, those are the microdriver IEMs that are most interesting to me right now.
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hmm...i didn't even realize that those were microdrivers. 6.5mm driver. pretty neat. i gotta say i don't quite care for the design or look of them. but that's just my opinion. i would like to see them compared to the shure se215/se315.

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