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PSB M4U 2 vs Phiaton Chord MS 530

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Hello Head-Fi Forums!


I'm a thirteen-year old student looking for good sounding headphones that can cancel noise as well, and I've narrowed my choice down to these two. There were a lot more reviews on the PSB M4U 2, and they gave positive reviews on sound quality, with decent NC. The Phiaton Chord MS 530 reviews were very hard to come by, and the only well-known review website that reviewed these were Digital Trends. The review gave a positive rating, and the video reviews were generally positive. I haven't gone for the Bose QC15's, because the reviews stated that the sound quality wasn't the best. So, can you guys recommend me on which one sounds better, or any other good Noise-Cancelling headphones that you know?

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I am sorry to say, but I don't own either of these headphones, however I would like to say for thirteen year old, you have an excellent grasp of what you want. Both companies are respectable, however I have to ask why you are insistent on Noise Cancelling headphones. Most of us only really need noise cancelling while we travel for business, in crowded airports or crowded planes. But you normally pay a premium for the NC feature.
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I have thought of that after I posted this DaddyMojo, and I want the NC feature because I do go here and there a lot, and I do have some decent earphones, but whenever I go out I have to turn up the volume insanely (I have sensitive ears) and that kills my ears. So it might be more of a personal thing, but actually passive noise-isolation would be fine. Just that I don't want to have to kill my ears to listen to the music I want. Anyway, to be more precise, I want headphones with a balanced sound, with a noticeable but not overpowering bass. NC or Noise-Isolation would be nice, but it just has to drown some of the 'echoing' noise of people talking in the background. and my budget goes up to 400 dollars; 450 if I really stretch it. I've looked at the two I've mentioned, and a bunch more; here they are: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, Bowers & Wilkins P7, Sennheiser Momentum and HD 439, Fischer Audio FA-003, and the PSB M4U 1. If anyone owns any of those headphones and want to recommend them to me, please do so. I'll greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Hi Donghyuan125, did you end up making a decision? If you're interested in noise cancellation, it's virtually impossible to beat the QC15's.  They are really, really good at it. Nothing can remove all background sounds, but they come pretty close.  I know a lot of people rag on the sound--I actually quite like how they sound.  I wouldn't call them especially balanced though.  They are a bit bass-heavy, but some of the cleanest bass I've heard--and very clean across all frequencies really.  They are also ridiculously light and comfortable to wear for very long periods of time.


The noise cancelling on the MS 530's is "basic".  I think it's geared mostly for airplane/train type noise, and they help with when my washing machine is running at home (that same type of low rumbly noise similar to a plain/train engine).  The ANC on them doesn't do a lot above, I'm guessing, maybe 500-1000Hz or so.  That said, there is a noticeable sound difference between having ANC on and off.  When off, they do sound quite balanced and clean, if maybe a tiny bit lean/dry (might just be my preference for a slightly bassy/warm presentation).  With the ANC on, a bit of a "V" shape is added to the sound.  They get a noticeably bassier, ans slightly trebblier, with a slight muddying (to my ears) of the midrange on some material.  Comfort wise, I've only had them a few days, but I do notice they can irritate my ear lobes a bit after listening a while, and they are definitely heavier than the Bose, and much tighter.


The main advantage of course of the Phiatons is the Bluetooth, which, if your source(s) supports aptX, seems to sound every bit as good as wired. 

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have you considered the parrot ziks for a pair of wireless? (p.s. i am also 13 *high five*)

Anyways, for sound quality, PSBs are nearly impossible to beat (as a noise canceller)

Go for the psbs, they have legendary sound and better noise cancelling, close to the qc15s

if you think that wireless is something you REALLY want, then the parrot ziks are the best sounding wireless, but if you dont want it that much, then psbs for sure! Hope this helps. :)

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