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For Trade: Audition Darth Beyer

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For Trade:
Audition Darth Beyer

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Not sure if this is the best place to put this or not I guess I will find out. 


I would like to audition a couple of headphones if I can.


The auditions will be near prices for replacement. give or takeish I would rather keep it just a fun audition thing. 


I dont think i want to audition with newbies ie you just joined the forum Please be around my posts before you offer (there are always exceptions though)


What I have to offer is this: 


A Darth Beyer V4 paduk wood with a about 10 ft cable terminated in Dual 3 pin XLR with the SE adapter. New these would be near 700 bucks to replace so that is about around the price I want to audition with people 


Please understand this is not a Permanent Trade by any means Just  two weeks with each others headphones. On our own sources and music minus having to do this at a meet with lots of back ground chatter. 


I want to keep it simple Be in the United states, you pay for shipping to me and I pay for it to you, and then back again. IF you are in the ohio/columbus area would be even nicer as we can just meet up one day and instead of mailing them.  


Please document any defects at all with at least 4 pics sent in the PM to me do not reply here. Please keep this in PM, once an audition is agreed upon i will edit this thread with the info and who and what is being auditioned.


What i want to listen to 
















702 65th



Beyer maybe would be cool if someone did




Alpha Dogs


Hifi man






lcd 3 again would be cool.

lcd x again would be cool as well.


1. EeePee HD700 kinda counts lol.

2. risenfallen has RS2 

3. Next





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risenfallen will be covering the RS2 non i


It is sent off on 27 dec 2013 as well as the Darths 

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Originally Posted by lord_tris View Post


1. EeePee HD700 kinda counts...


And it's no contest.

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