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For the first time I am going to make a headphone cable and I am noob in electronic stuffs.


I want to make an asymetrical, flexible non-tangle cable (flat that would still be better) for my Bowers&Wilkins P5.


A member of this forum told me that it doesn't need to be shielded, and that I would need three conductors.


So, for this connector:$%28KGrHqIOKpMFHkYlOtd0BR7OSTBbD!~~60_57.JPG, where the three wires are solder? (I know that it is also a video connector, but it is the only one thin 2.5mm Jack connector that I have found).


For 5-10$, which wires do you recommend to me?




P-S: if someone sales a good P5 cable for 20-30€ shipping included (I am in France), I am interested.

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