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Creative Gigaworks T20, T40 & Audioengine A5+

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I thought the speakers on my TV were pretty good until I tried the T20s that I'm giving someone as a present, wow what a difference especially in gaming I'm hearing things I never heard before, the sound has real locational depth, like when a sniper fires from a high building behind you, you know exactly where he is firing from without having to look round.


As for music, there is so much more detail and general separation between the instruments, again the sound is big, rich & has depth.


So, I'm considering the T40s for myself, but also wondering about the A5s, however they are 4x more expensive.


The T20s are more than loud enough for my needs, PC/TV/Video/Gaming/Music in a smallish room, I wouldn't like 2.1 as I have neighbours downstairs.


I see the A5s give out a lot more volume, I would probably have them down low most of the time, but how much better would they sound compared to the T40s ...4x better?

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I recommend to take the Focal XS Book into your considerations. I just replaced my old T20s with the XS Book Wireless - it's a huge difference, even better stereo field and much deeper bass.

And you can use them via Bluetooth if it's necessary one day.

When I read user comments about Audioengine A5 vs XS Book most people liked the XS Book much more.

For me the XS Book seem have an "easy listening" character, not to analytic - but not dull, just relaxed (Maybe the Sennheiser HD650 headphones built as speakers :) ).

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If you are simply using the speakers for gaming and movies I would recommend the T40 as it provides a warm, fun sound without breaking the bank. I have them and they are more than enough for simple youtube video, gaming, and movies. If you plan on using the speakers for analytical music listening then go for the A5.

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