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For Sale: LYR OWNERS Telefunken 6DJ8/ECC88 1963 Pair NOS

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For Sale:
LYR OWNERS Telefunken 6DJ8/ECC88 1963 Pair NOS

Will Ship To: Continental USA

Great Christmas present for yourself...and aren't those the best kind !!!  The early 60's Telefunkens are one of the absolute best tubes for Lyr and other tube amps !!! Pristine pair of NOS 1963 Diamond Bottom Telefunken 6DJ8/ECC88's.  Gorgeous 3D, holographic soundstage.  Clean, very detailed and balanced high-end sound across the entire spectrum.  Hear the music that the artists intended.  To my ears the treble is especially sweet...extended and accurate but never harsh.  Check the link below.  Bought on ebay from Mercedesman on August 31st of this year.  I've put less than 100 hours on them.  I smudged one of the Telefunken logos...still very visible however, just not clean like the pictures shown in the link.  No noise...dead quiet.  Just need the cash for another project.


Great opportunity!!!  Many consider the early Telefunkens as the best 6DJ8's available anywhere !!!!


Paid $159. Will sell for $99 plus $8 shipping.  I'll eat the PayPal fee.  Price is firm.

Packaged very securely and sent USPS with tracking to Continental USA only.

PM me.

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Will you quit tempting me. You know I'm at my tube limit. Someone buy these quick or I'll be forced to.
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I could go a flat $90 using Paypal.  I live by Seattle.

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Price is firm.

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