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Upgrading from stock iem samsung ehs64 , need help

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hello everyone , I want to upgrade my Samsung ehs64 that come with my samsung galaxy s3

so far as I read , I am interested with soundmagic e10 . their review seem awesome for that price.

can I hear huge improvement with e10 from ehs 64 ?

I like iem for basshead , maybe something like my Shure 750DJ

or maybe can somebody suggest some entry level iem that cost around e10 that sound good ?



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any suggestion guys ?
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Try this thread, It lists down all the basshead IEMs:


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thank you , i read that thread yesterday , and found so many interesting iem
but , after i read about stock iem that come with cellphone , it seem samsung ehs64 not bad at all
i wonder if i can notice huge improvement with soundmagic e10 or anything sub $50 iem
i dont want to waste money if this iem performance about the same with samsung stock

thank you
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I found the GS3 IEM to be good too but in terms of bass the HisoundAudio E212 is much better. It's about $40.

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For future reference I'll chime in aswell.


I own both the Soundmagic E10 and the Samsung EHS64avfwe (bundled with a Samsung GS3).


I'll try and break it down a bit:


Compared both of them using a pair of Sony rubber eartips, similar to these: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-axpIlBvP0R8/UNxApz6qkcI/AAAAAAAAAFU/9WE7bSiGsMc/s1600/sony_headset_mh1c_v3.jpg


Normal size, the diameter of the barrell roughly the width of the sound hole of both IEMs.



E10: The E10 sound is weighted towards the bass. It does lead with it. Moving up the frequency range the mids are a bit textured and fairly dry/crisp, giving a fairly smooth and natural continuation from the bass region. Finally the treble, unfortunately, has a rather spikey, sharp and grating character. This is in part because the E10 also has a bit of a chunk missing around 4kHz. This leads to a bit of a lack of "sparkle", and leads to the treble around 10-13K feeling like they are standing far above the 4KHz region in comaprison. It's very obvious when listening to them that they are missing something in the 4KHz area.

Depending on how much ear training you've had you might get used to this rather quickly, or find it natural if used to similar characters, but to me it will always feel unnatural, even when you've gotten used to it as much as possible.

Soundstage is average at best. Demoing Terminator 2 shows that for movies or more natural recorded material, they are very uninteresting, the minigun sequence with gunshots and shrapnel looses alot of energy from that missing KHz chunk. Brad Fiedels score is rather cramped in to the sides, and most everything feels like it takes place in the lower mids.

Slower dialogue scenes do not carry much more interest, ambient sounds and room reverb barely registering much of anything, not really tickling your ear or making itself known at all.

Samsung ehs64:  Very natural frequency response from lowest to highest frequency. Very excitable.

Bass is pretty much perfectly weighted, can slam hard if tracks call for it, yet never takes over and is always complimented by the wonderful mid section, which will snap kickdrums to make the balance between bass and mid pretty much spot on.

Treble is, particularly compared to others IEMs in this range (E10, E30) simply superb. There's no other word for it.


Doing a low-pass frequency sweep of a pinknoise track, which has a fairly even weight across the spectrum for human ears, reveals almost no peaks or valleys. The track just opens up higher and higher, and it never sounds the least bit peaky or unnatural.


Soundstage is almost mindblowing, best I've heard from any of the IEMs I've listened to or own, including a pair of B&W C5. Playing T2, that minigun absolutely rips and clatters, and each bullet hit on the police cars below has distinction in both dynamics and frequency. The sparkle on these things is pretty incredible, perfectly balanced but so excitable and responsive. Brad Fiedels score is clearly heard not just to the side of, but around and behind the action. It's incredible to hear these things in action, not just for their price but even compared to some real expensive IEMs. Dense action doesn't phase them, they never really obscure themselves or get stuffy, they are as open as I've ever hard a pair of headphones (save for expensive over-the-ears). You might have a thick engine roaring and you think the sound is "full", then a hihat from the score comes in and you realize that it's actually pretty much as easily audible in the thick of the action as if it was playing on its own.


And the best bit is, get to a slow dialogue scene, and these things somehow manage to get almost even better, revealing subtle noise from the recording, incredible sense of space from small glass shards being kicked on the floor as someone walks.

As the intensity and volume drops, these just seem to reveal even more detail, rather than becoming more dull or loosing in sensitivity or "becoming disinterested". They attentively pick up small details both in low and high frequency. They seem determined to always be ready to tickle your ears with details, while still being so balanced sonically that they also never become fatiguing, also helped by their amazing sense of ambience and their low weight. 


I own a pair of Etymotic HF5, B&W C5, Soundmagic E10 and Soundmagic E30. These Samsung buds are my go to for anything other than clinical listening. I've got atleast another pair in the mail, for like 15 bucks. These should go in everyones collection. They look the same as the Samsung HS-330, which have dual dynamic drivers, one tweeter, one woofer. Considering the response, open quality and completely transparent and unobscured feel of these things I'd almost guess they have the same drivers. Again, probably the most airy, open, spacious IEMs I've heard.



So I guess, for pure bass response, The E10 are the best choice, but the Samsung phones are a much better all-purpose IEM, and handle everything I've thrown at them, some better than anything I've heard, managing to make everything from sizzling electric guitars to delicate violins or pianos sound very engaging and clear, while also completely having a nonfatiguing, open quality and spacious sound, yet with crisp and punchy response whenever you get drums or percussive elements.



I hope this might be helpful to someone.

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Nicely done, thanks for your time and effort. I have had ck100pro to Asg1 and still prefer this sammys as first choice, I'm thinking to reshell for better fit for 180$ haha do they deserve that I don't know but it gets ugly and dirty that white rubbery flimsy iem.

Was wondering if you could compare ehs64 and hs330. That would be really helpful. Damn this ehs64 sounds so full and live.
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