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Sennheiser HD 558 vs Sennheiser?

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Hey, I"m buying headphones for christmas, and I'm trying to decide between the 558's or the 598's. For starters, what is the difference in sound? I'm aware, the 598's will probably sound better, however, is it worth the extra $60? I'm going to buy a case and a Fiio E11, so that will be another $85 to whatever cans I decide to buy. Also, the appearance. I personally find the 598's ... Different. Not necessarily ugly, but kind of odd looking. While I like the design, I fear that others at school will ridicule me for their look. Anyways, yeah, what do you think is better for wearing to school and whatnot.





I'm 14

I like rock and light Electronic/Techno

I have the Samson SR850's, Grado SR-60i's, and Sennheiser earbuds. (I don't know the model, sorry)




If you have any other suggestions for models, please let me know

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Boy, kids are still mean huh? That need to fit in hasn't gone anywhere either. Buy what you like regardless of how the other kids think.


This reminds me of a valuable life lesson I learned when I was right around your age. My book bag kept breaking on me due to the amount of heavy books and the fact that no one would be caught dead wearing BOTH straps around on both shoulders. LOL. So my mom took me to the Army Navy Surplus store and bought me an army bag that would stand up to whatever I dished out. I was worried about what the other kids would say and if I would be made fun of. My Mom just laughed a little and said to me that I was only as "cool" as I thought, said, and acted. That if anyone would question my choice in bags to laugh back at them and let them know that this was an authentic Army bag that soldiers would wear, and that my bag would stand up to anything and be a lot more rugged than theirs. Also, making sure I let them know that it was cool, and not that I thought it was cool, but that it just was. Well, I had to tell a couple of kids those very things and then we went on winter break. Well, needless to say when we returned there had to be at least 20 kids in my school wearing army bags. I had started my own trend. The Army bags were cool because I said so. 


******Thanks Mom!******


Back to cans. I think you should get a set of closed cans even though I own the terrific HD 558s. They sound excellent but in a quiet environment and others can also hear what you are listening to which might not be desirable.


I really like my Denon DN-HP700s but they aren't the most comfortable especially if you have a small head and/or large ears. They have excellent mids and are efficient and very portable.


The ATH-M50s are among the most recommended set of cans on here and their slightly exaggerated base response might be nice with some of your musical preferences.


The Gemini HSR DJ HPs have made a real big splash on here and are said to compare well with cans costing several times their current price.


Get the 558s or 598s down the road for home listening sessions.





Remember anything you choose is a cool as you say it is!



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What about the 380 Pro's? They're closed back, and come with a case.

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Those look pretty nice as well. Do you have anywhere locally where you could go listen to a few different cans and figure out what you want. I didn't but I had a solid background in audio and knew what I liked. I then followed that up with hours of research to make the most educated decision for me. You don't want to be spoon fed do you? Anyone can tell you what they prefer but ultimately it is up to you. This is probably a big purchase for a young man. Read the main thread on the 380. Go listen to any headphones locally. Write down what you do and don't like about them. Then make the best decision for YOU.

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Well.... I have a guitar center which has 380 pro's, and ATH-m50's. And I have best buy. I asked about headphones, and the kind woman on the other end (Darquesha) had no idea what I was talking about. So I don't think that's going to be an option.


Oh, also, the Guitar Center had DT 770 Pro's @ 280Ω

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you could get the ATH M50 LE they look cool and sound cool, they are also very durable so a case is not really a necessity as long as you don't sit on them or something.


and going of what lintonindy said about looking cool; i would just tell your friends that your headphones cost 200 dollars and brag about how great they sound, you could flash your E11 at them too. :beyersmile: 


EDIT: my mistake, i just checked the ATH M50 LE on amazon and they are 320 dollars!!!


i don't know why they are so much now, i got my pair for 120 new. :confused: 

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