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Advice IEMs <200$

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Hi. Looking to buy a new pair of IEMS (<200$) and could use some advice.

Main usage -> office (good isolation) and commute (rare). IEMs should be durable(able to survive in the bag/pocket) ,comfortable. 

Laid back sound as I do plan to listen a lot. So basically looking for a good all-rounder.


Music :  ambient, new age, OST, rock, metal

Audio sources : laptop, Nexus5

Could probably buy  an inexpensive portable DAC/amp if it will be needed.

Current IEMs : VSonic GR04Pro ( a little bit light on the bass , do like the soundstage, a little bit harsh to listen to all day)


Candidates : 

- Yamaha EPH100

- Rockit R-50

- Sony XBA-H1

- Hifiman RE-400

- Westone 3 (there is a nice deal on Amazon, 179$)



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Westone 3 would be your best bet with the deal that is on ATM.

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Do I need an amp for Westone?

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Originally Posted by 0l3g View Post

Do I need an amp for Westone?

You'll be fine without an amp.

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Thanks, but are Westone 3 really that good comparing for example to RE-400 (which are  almost half of their price)? W3 are apparently a lot more musical and bright comparing  to more neutral HifiMan. Are they tiring on a long run ?

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