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Especially I would be interested in akg701 or HD800, or some other which have spectacular scene


What I mean is: 

headphones play in you head,

and the (general) soundstage seem to be limited to your skull (bone structure),

with open headphones reaching  few (3-5) centemeters out of the level of the bone level (for example sennheisers hd555 or to lesser extent hd600).

with semi-open reaching the limits of the skull (like superlux hd681),

and with some very closed are inside the skull, the scene is like 2cm from it towards the brain (for example takstars hd6000)


or saying it otherwise it is hard for me to hear anything above the distance of the driver (some headphones may add virtual few centemeters) and I mean here aural space not the feeling of the distance due to high mids attenutation, where you have an instrument in you head but it sounds like it was played from 10m


With the most notable exceptions beeing

- somic mh463, where the sound stage goes like 10cm from the driver

- some supermarket based pro-gammer headphone where the soundstage goes upto some 30cm from your head/ears [those are funny headphones cause the sound totally lack in mass -> lower-mids; and have some high boost >10kHz]


So I would be interested how big (mainly width) the scene is (for example how many cm from your ear it extends)