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DAP/AMP with GR07 MKII sub 200$ range

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Hello everybody,


I recently purchased a Vsonic GR07 MKII, and I find it very good overall.


I drive MKII 's with Nokia PureView Smarphone. But the problem is The smartphone is not giving out desired sound output/quality matching to MKII


But when I connect MKII to PC and listen, the sound quality improves a LOT. 


I suspect that I may need better audio output device, and economical DAP FiiO X3 came in my mind. 


But I am unsure will this improve SQ significantly? and is X3 good enough? or should I get an amp like E17?



Please guide me and help me out.


Thank You.

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Usually the sound card on computers are below average, so if your phone sounds worse than your PC, then the phone headphone out and DAC should be terrible.


I will go with improving the source first. Perhaps a good DAP like X3 will do your MK2 justice. Something cheaper would be a sansa clip+. Rockbox it and you are good to go. Both can drive your MK2 relatively easily. Another consideration would be to improve the quality of your songs. If you can tell the difference betweeen a 320kbps MP3 and a FLAC file, then go with the better quality one. If you can't tell the difference, then a 320kbps will be good.


I feel that amplifiers should be the last thing to be added into the audio chain. No need to worry to much about it.

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I am confused between clip+ and X3. Huge cost difference, entire different league, but is x3 worth such a cost difference? and how much difference in SQ?

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To tell the truth, I like my X3 but I have never gotten a sansa before so i cannot really comment on the difference on them.


Is the X3 good? It is great, since there's regular firmware updates and there's a James and Joe Bloggs to help out with problems if anything arises. Overall a good product with even better customer service. 


Is the clip+ good? It is cheap and performs beyond expectations from what I've read. The small size makes it ultra portable and the stock firmware is dummy-proof.


Is the X3 worth the price over the clip+? Well, you get a better DAC and a user-friendly UI on the X3. The clip+ is very simplistic and straightforward, with rockbox, you get better control over the SQ with an equalizer. To me it is really a matter of functionality. I'm willing to pay the difference for the additional functions over the clip+.



     1. If you don't want to spend too much and/or have a budget

     2. If you have a tendency to misplace things

     3. If you like everything to be small and ultra-portable


                    Then get a clip+. You can spend the remaining on microSD cards or even aftermarket tips to enhance overall comfort of wearing them.

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I am ready for X3 for its functionality.

But the price of Clip was tempting, I handle my devices carefully.

X3 has surround sound [like dolby] option? base can be increased without compromising rest of the frequencies?
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No to both. Form what I know, there was an earlier request to have a parametric EQ on x3 but I think it wasn't implemented.

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So dolby option then..


How are COWON players compared to zip and X3?

they appear to have BBE/ surround settings?

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Form what I've read, their BBE setting is quite well implemented. But i've only auditioned it for like 15 minutes so i cannot say for sure about them. Perhaps someone else who has got a cowon player can chime in?

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Thanks Artem!


I bought X3 from mp4nation :biggrin:

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