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Which new Headphones?

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Hey guys! I'm new here. I've been looking through this site and its amazing! All these reviews are so helpful. I'm not an audiophile but I want to listen to great quality music.

So with that said, I've been wanting to buy new headphones.
I have a budget of $300 or less.
I'd prefer over-ear, muffled headphones, where people can't hear what I'm listening to.
Also comfort for being worn for long periods.
I listen to a wide variety of music, but mostly instrumental, electronic, and rock, so I'd like anything that has good overall quality.
I'd like to hear more detail in treble and mid range, mostly though.
So, after I looked around a bit and asked in another forum, I've been considering these three:
-AKG K 550: I read that they aren't really that worth for their value. Its more focused on bass and has issues with treble and somewhat midrange. But they seem nice overall with nice build quality.
-Audio-Techinica ATH-M50: I've read that they are highly recommended. Great value for its cost. But I own an Audio Technica ATH SJ55 (The metal on the audio jack has chipped away so it doesn't play music well anymore, its very scratchy and sometimes doesn't even play in one ear). I found the Audio Technica DJ style versatility more annoying than convenient. Also I read that the ATH M50 has quite a harsh clamping force causing headaches.
-V-MODA Crossface M-80: These are appealing to me the most so far. I love the design (especially the True Blood V-80) + the customizable shields, detachable cable, and volume control. And that durability + blanaced sound quality. I also read that they are comfortable with glasses on which I plan to get soon. But the down side is... They are on-ear. I'm not a big fan of on-ear as my brother's Beats headphones (blegh) would hurt my ears after an hour or so. Unless these are just that great I could look over that they are on-ear.
Or what other headphones would be recommended.
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I coyld very easily vouch for the m80. Theyre durable and sound great. Theyre not the strongest when it comes to treble detail though as the treble has quite a roll off.

The k550 can often be found for around 200 nowadays and i think thats a fair price to pay. Not the most portable but theyre fairly comfortable. They also have mobile versions of k550 if you look into it.

Ath m50 is also not very portable and personally a bit uncomfortable for me. They do sound good but i prefer the m80 over them.

You could also look into UE 6000 which is currently at a good discount or sony mdr 1r as well as onkyo es hf300. Those r all choices i like to recommend in the price range.
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have you looked mad dogs?
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Arent mad dogs a bit over the budget? Plus i doubt he'd have the proper equipmet to drive it
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Since the V-MODA Crossfade M-80s are on-ear. Would be getting the M-100 more viable over those? 

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i personally didnt like the sound signature of the m100. Too forward and aggressive for me. But it could be for you. If you want even more bass then yes go for it.

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Although I do like electronic music, there isn't much focus on bass in the songs I like. I've read more reviews about the M-100, and they have said that midranges and treble detail is lacking due to the bass killing that. But another review said he didn't find what they said quite as they said it does, saying its fine.
So are M-100 more specifically for electronic music?
Will it sound normal for orchestral songs and rock bands?
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The m100 is not the most detailed headphone. That's just kind of the way it is being a consumer oriented headphone.


m100 arent "specifically" for electronic but theyre definitely oriented towards that crowd. Vmoda is very big on the DJ scene.


It wound sound weird per say on orchestral pieces or rock, but you'll definitely get a more unnatural sound. You wont feel like you're at a high class concert hall haha. 


You could look into sennheiser momentum over ears. Theyre more balanced sounding and more detailed.

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I mostly listen to a lot of electronic music so I guess the M-100 wouldn't be so bad. 

And I don't really listen to classical music. But the songs include string instruments in them and such.
Would the M-100s play well with k-pop/j-rock, and bands such as Muse, Red, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, 3 Days Grace, Incubus, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Breaking Benjamin, and System of a Down.
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Yea m100 would work with most of those bands.

Is there any way for you to audition one? I know the microsoft store in my area has an m100 up,.. But then not everyone has a microsoft store atound the corner
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I've never been to a Microsoft store before. There nearest one is around 31 minutes away, I could check it out. There are other electronic stores like Brands Mart (Last time I went early this year, I never saw the M-100) and Best Buy (Didn't have them). Is there a way to check to see if I can try them out in the store?

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I guess best way is to call them and see if they have on demo... Every store is different... Even chains of the same store might choose different things to display :/
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Alright, I'll try doing that sometime. Thanks for all the help!

Btw, when purchasing the M-100 from the V-MODA website, there's an option to add an extra shield and add your own design to it. 
Is that the same as ordering your own custom shields? 
So will doing these options give you a free pair of custom shields together with the order inside the box?
Or will it add onto the price?
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it will add an additional 45 dollars or so. Its unfortunately not a free thing. But its nice :)

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