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Amp or Headphones

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Hey, wanted to see what you guys think my next purchase should be. Setup being schiit gungnir > schiit lyr with Hifiman HE500 and beyers dt880. I'm thinking of getting a new amp (Either schiit mjolnir or bryston BHA1) OR purchase a pair of Audeze LCD2s to try the famous audeze bass. I'm open to other options.
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Aren't the big Schiit and Bryston balanced only amps?  If so, make sure that your can cables are too--optimally that you also have true balanced input into these amps.


On the first set of options, the HE 500 is more balanced and much cheaper than the Audeze.  It is the best day to day value in upper level audiophile cans.  The DT 880 is excellent but is a tier below.  You can read about all three (and more) in this excellent piece:


The Asgard 2 will save you a good piece of coin over the Lyr, the power of which you will need only for something like the HE-6.

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Sorry I guess i worded the question weird, but I currently own the gungnir, lyr, dt880 and he-500. And i'm looking at the other options as possible purchases.  Also one of the benefits of the bryston over the schiit was that the bryston offers a single ended 1/4" output as well.

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Many balanced amps are not designed to deliver their top performance through a 1/4" jack.  In each case, I'd look into that question.


In your case, the two best options seem to either a good solid state amp or the LCD-2.  In the first instance I'd be thinking something good but a bit more modest from Audio-gd (I have and like the SA-31SE--but there are many offerings), Burson or even the "lowly" $250 Schiit Asgard 2.


The LCD 2 would be a very complementary can to what you have.  An amp that will properly drive the HE-500 will also drive the LCD-2. 

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